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Chicago Tea Party Video -- What happened after CNN stopped rolling; PASS IT ON!

This video shows what happened after the CNN cameras stopped rolling. This woman takes the reporter to task and calls her out on the bias she shows. CNN took down an earlier version of this exact same video so if this link doesn't work by the time you get to it search for "Chicago Tax Party" and look for videos with "the story you didn't see" or something of that nature. It's amazing how well this woman rips the reporter apart in an intelligent, non-threatening way.

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That reporter needs fired. Although it's not overly surprising. CNN is clearly biased and omits important information that would in anyway discredit their holy messiah. I do want to give that woman from the crowd a resounding high five though.
Aww stop picking on that poor reporter, she is just being an objective media reporter...and her objective is pretty clear Big Brother is here to help you.
Ha, that's a good line, never heard that before :p


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