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Cain Is Able: But The Libs and Media Won’t Let Him


                                                                by Wayne Klinger  ------- 5-22-2011 – 9:42am est 


Yes, hello again, I’ve been out of commission for awhile but back with something I want to touch on since my last piece on Obama and how the media worries about everything else except the real issues at hand. We left off at the Obama NCAA Men’s Basketball brackets, and despite my comments of picking the championship game, (heck, I was wrong too!) overall, I did better than the Bamster, so I had some saving grace over the piece that kind of let me out to dry with my wrong predictions!


 In the overnight hours, we heard that Indiana-R Mitch Daniels wasn’t going to run for the GOP nomination. This has opened the door for people like Bachmann, despite the recent news that a 16-yr old was to debate her over the Constitution and she is now “supposedly” getting threatened online by Bachmann supporters. Rumors of Sarah Palin are getting more fuel due to the recent new house in Arizona. Her son was recently married and as liberal media would have it, didn’t take long to make mention of it despite he has really nothing to do with politics; which brings me to the conclusion we all know, Herman Cain will continue to be scrutinized and put under a microscope.


 The Conservatives, Libertarians and Tea Party members as well as independents know that any time a certain individual shows any support or groundbreaking luster, the media will find a way to downsize them. The assumption is simple, if it’s a threat to the agenda and power of the liberal side, minimize that person but maximize the damage. I knew about Herman Cain from 12 years ago with his radio gig (as well as Godfather’s Pizza) as I am a courier and do drive in the wee hours of the morning. Herman had a show for awhile around 10pm coming out of WSB 750AM out of Atlanta where he is a native of. Some of you who watch Fox News will be familiar with a name of Neal Boortz (has a show on WSB 750AM as well in the AM), another iconic radio show host that to me, may not have the Limbaugh or Hannity numbers, but his comments, truths and in-your-face non-political correctness is what makes him popular. Many stations in PA, OH and NJ have recently picked him up and he’s been in radio for over 35 years. Neal is white and understands liberals can’t get it in their heads that Black people can be conservative and have issues against Obama. They have gone as far as attacked the GOP and said we are using the race card by having Cain as a possible GOP nominee (if Allen West runs, it could be interesting). Excuse me? Who played and has played the race card since 2005 with Obama and even now with the recent rash of comments and questions from David Gregory (Gingrich interview), all liberal news outlets and everyone on the left who continues to give all their districts and union supporters a free pass to that great thing called “Obamacare”? The plan that was soooo good but yet it’s hated and hurtful in so many ways that the liberals have to bail and exempt people to assure them backing in 2012.


 Obama has enough to worry about on the upcoming election. His recent jokes (as the left would defend it) about the moat and alligators at the border, pirates and his failure on Israel and not being forthcoming on immigration will play a major role. The left and liberal media are besides themselves over the small bump Obama got for removal of Bin Laden as it has been used up already and only took 3 weeks for it to plummet. What they don’t mention is the anger Hillary Clinton, the CIA and the Defense department (as well as our military) had for getting this spineless wonder to get to the drawing board and make a decision on the attack. 16 hours! Sounds like the BP oil spill and his recent retraction of not helping Texas over the wildfires but helped neighboring states like Mississippi and Alabama, where you can make a case that he did better in the elections compared to the beatdown Texas gave him in 2008. I’m sorry that Obama’s golf outing got cut 9 holes too the day of the Bin Laden decision, that must’ve been a real bummer.


 I’m a 41-yr old WHITE American. I grew up in a WHITE community and the 5 towns around me have 97% WHITE people, does that make me and my fellow communities racist? Does my support for Herman Cain and Allen West make them an “Uncle Tom”? I like Bachmann, Pawlenty and Palin too. Gingrich’s time has passed, his recent Ryan comments damaged him even more. America is not ready and will never be ready for a woman to run the country. I’ll make bets now that the rest of my time on this green Earth I will never witness a woman President. Now, Vice-President, that holds its weight a little better. As far as Allen West and Herman Cain, they have my support and with them stepping out of the usual doldrums of scrutiny to go against and disagree with someone of their own skin color speaks volumes and recent polls have showed that Black Americans have been waking up and showing less support for Obama. The rest still have that “entitlement” mentality because they know the government will take care of them and yes, whites are just as guilty for milking the system 98 ½ weeks of the 99 for unemployment. It’s not always about the economy. You make things hard for the American people, this is where it leads down the road and has a domino effect on the minds, thinking and the filtering of money to live a normal everyday life without making drastic cuts and choosing between a carload of groceries or if you are going to pay the electric bill for the month. West and Cain understand all of this.


 Cain is a successful and smart businessman. The left are quick to point out that he has no political background. The mentality of you have to be elite to be granted to run in an elite position is the main problem politics has gotten to. I always made the joke that you can take 10 truck drivers off the road (real off-the-street Americans) and they could run the country better than the top 10 in the political arena including the current President. Allen West has credentials as well. The left hates the military, you’re a Black conservative too; there’s two reasons to school you in Alinsky-ism. Only when it benefits the left or Obama the military is praised (well somewhat..Obama was I, me and my for the most part). Maybe it’s time to try an outsider that doesn’t have ties to within the political circle and have a business and successful portfolio in money management and prosperity. The people are listening. The people are watching. The people are fed up. Cain is able.

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