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"You Are NOT Alone!"

Every day, we hear of the Articles being discussed at big events, or sent out to some large membership organization, or talked about on a radio show with a big audience.   Everyone heads to take the pledge, yet we seem to be crawling upwards.  What gives?  It is a mystery.  As of April 23, there were more than 20 million impressions on search engines for "April 19-Articles of Freedom," so we know the people are out there - lots of them - discussing it, writing about it, reading it.  We are investigating what might be taking place and looking for solutions.  Stay tuned. 


It is a Government cover up they dont want you to know just how many are PISSED ... Just kidding but maybe..

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This effort needs more publicity! I wish Glenn Beck would mention it on his show at some point.

The problem is that most people have never heard of Continental Congress 2009, or know of the history of the We The People foundation's attempts to petition our government. To most people, even freedom-loving people, they don't see any difference between the Articles of Freedom, and any of a number of other "fix the government" petitions that are circulating on the internet.
I am sure its a contract thing for Beck to say anything..I guess it is our job to spread the word to as many as we can about the Articles ,,I know its alot going on and to keep up with it,, all is a tough job,,I feel the Articles need to be kept in the front line as they cover so much of what we are dealing with today...Education is the way to go >>>


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