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An easy way to get information to people about the group

I was wondering if at the future public events we might post a banner in a very visible location with an easy email address people could write to for more information. That address would be nothing but an auto-responder that immediately replies with a link to this site. Here is an example you can try to see what I mean: send an email to this address - - and you will get a reply that looks like the following:

Please visit We Surround Them - Centre County at:
for more information.

Thank you for your interest in the 9-12 Project!


The reason I suggest this is because sending an email is a fast and easy thing for interested people to do. If we capitalize on that, and make it just as simple as them sending an email, I think they'll be more likely to do that sooner after seeing/hearing about this group, than if we were to ask them to take the initiative to visit the website by opening their web browser and manually typing the site's address. I hate to say it, but people are lazy. If they have to go to "all the trouble" of finding the website, we'll lose a few prospective members. If all they have to do is type a short email address and click 'send', they'll get back an active hyperlink that takes them to the website. We do the heavy lifting for them. Once they are members of the group, *then* we can work on getting them less lazy and more willing to help us work for needed reforms in government.

It's just an idea. If you all don't think it is the way to go, no problem with me.

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Joe, I think that is a very good idea! Don't let us forget that for the next event. Maybe we should also do more fliers or take out an ad in the classifieds of a couple newspapers for a week with this email to just increase membership.
Since an official email address has been created for the organization, I have deleted this sample email account. Testing the auto-responder feature for the example email address will no longer work.


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