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A link to some online education for those (read me) who need some educatin' about the Constitution and our rights.

The link below is from the PAFOA but the content of the separate lectures is based on the Constitution. I will be viewing as time permits. I know I am woefully ignorant when it comes to our Constitution, Founding Fathers........ Guess it is about time I/we took the time to educate ourselves.

I do not know if these lectures are any good but I will watch to see.

Michael Badnarick did a 7 part online Constitution class. He covers A LOT of issues, and why a lot of things in America today are unconstitutional.

And yes guns are covered a few times. He covers a lot of stuff about search and seizure, right to remain silent, property rights, how a Republic works as opposed to a Democracy, the IRS and Federal reserve... he covers just about everything in a way thats easy to digest. Enjoy... Also watch it in order, its a 7 hour lecture split up into 1 hour blocks. Each block builds on the next.

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I wanted to add this comment from the thread posted by user General Geoff. Always valuable advice!!!

In part 4, he talks about positive and non-positive law, in regards to the United States Code. In the strictest sense, he is correct in that non-positive law does not apply to everyone as it's written in the United States Code. However the section's counterpart is applicable as written in the United States Statutes At Large. So his point about Title 26 (The Internal Revenue Code) not being applicable to anyone but foreign dignitaries, citizens of the US who live in other countries and aliens is invalid.
This discrepancy has caused this class to lose a big chunk of validity in my mind.

edit; interestingly enough, someone in the class in the video points out this exact discrepancy and Badnarik admits that he never heard differently, but he'll look it up.

This goes to show that you MUST do your own research on all of this, just to make sure it's all backed up by the real deal. Where others gloss over or miss something important, you may stumble upon it and realize something different.
This is a very good site with lots of material.


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