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"You Are NOT Alone!"

For those who have read Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, this is Atlas Shrugging. For those who haven;t read it, this is the real world implementation of moral philosophy, doctors and patients refusing to be victims of collectivism, doctors and patients denying their sanction to their oppressor.

At our last meeting, Peter raised the issue of an Atlas Shrugged style strike. Here it is.

Please, share this with your friends, especially those in health care. Share it with your doctor. And please, stress the moral issue:

"Inspired by and modeled largely after the original from 1776, the Declaration of Independence for Doctors recognizes:

* That doctors and patients have inalienable rights;

* That our rights impose limitations on government;

* That statism in healthcare violates our rights;

* That the statism proposed by the Administration and Congress would do even more of the same — violate our rights — and gravely threaten the viability of the healthcare system;

* That doctors, patients, and elected officials need to act — now — to preserve, protect, and promote freedom in medicine.

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