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I just got to see some aerial photos of the march on Washington, which I've attached.

Tens of thousands my ass! That's a million, at least. I am so sorry I couldn't be there.

What is the word from those of you who were there?

I'm also extremely curious as to why Glenn Beck and Fox News aren't reporting the real numbers. This was possibly the biggest march on Washington ever, yet hardly anybody is reporting that. Why?

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I don't know, I'm hearing reports from friends of friends saying that the crowd went all the way past 17th Street and halfway up the Washington Monument. As for how fast it cleared out, Penn State easily clears 150k in a half hour after a game. I'm hoping for more definitive figures to come out so the number doesn't become another issue to marginalize us with.
Maybe no one wants to read about it or see it.

No, that's probably not true.

Hi folks, this is my first post to this forum. It was a pleasure to have met many of you on Bus #1. Thanks so much to those who organized the trip - you did a fantastic job.

I don't know what the headcount was and we probably won't know the real number but WOW! I 've never seen so many people at an event - they stretched farther than I could see. I'm sure the crowd would have filled Beaver stadium several times over at least. It was very inspiring to me and my wife, Bette, as well as to my brother and sister, who drove from Ohio to attend.
I don't know, I have nothing to compare it to. I have never seen so many people all in one place in my life!

Karen and I thought we would take a map of Washington DC, assume a certain average density of people, and compute how much of the area around the Capitol Building, the area around the Reflecting Pool, and back toward the Washington Monument, and Pennsylvania Avenue would be filled by 1 million people.

The truth will come out (officially) some day. The system must be overwhelmed right now. The truth affects people. That's obvious. The opening frames of this video shows PART of the crowd and this was at around 1:00. People were still coming in over the next few hours. It was a MASSIVE turnout of Constitution supporting Patriots (or as the media and one ex President calls us, racists). On the way down there, people on the bus were calling friends that were already there and they were being told that there were between a half million and a million. Shortly after I arrived (around 11:00), someone on the stage said that ABC had reported that there was 1.5 million people there. Later on, it was announced that the crowd went back to the Washington Monument and the people were STILL coming. There were also reports of heavy traffic in the area.
I caught a bus with a different group and shortly before we arrived back at our starting point, the group leader removed his earpiece and put his blackberry down and said that the word he got was 2.2 million. There are some youtube clips that claim 2 million. There will be disputes, but I can tell you that after squeezing through a small part of the crowd for an hour to get closer, the people were packed tightly except for around the outer perimiter and even after seeing it in person, I was still VERY surprised by the overhead pics. There was an earlier Fire Dept report of 75G according to Bill O'Reilly, but that would only cover a fraction of what I saw. Even though the crowd dispersed rather quickly (and left a CLEAN lawn), many boarded buses, many had hotel rooms, many probably went to eat because it was late afternoon and the rest had to get to their cars and they traveled north, south, east and west. The roads were full on the way home, but traffic was moving. The USA today image on the other thread titled "9/12 DC Crowd Size Estimate" says a lot.

The word on the bus was that there would be a SEIU/ACORN manufactured rally on Sunday. If that was true, then it was cancelled by the dwarf.
The counter-protest did, indeed, happen on Sunday. By their own count, only 175 people showed up. Here is the video of the counter protest on Sunday:

Yeah. I found out that they actually did hold a rally after I posted. Is that the whole MSNBC viewing audience?

So they found 175 people who either never read the Constitution or don't care about it or despise it or all of the above. I wonder whose $$$ paid for them to be there. I saw that dig they took, making the rally attendees sound like it was a Glenn Beck rally. All Glenn does is report the real news and tell the truth and all we do is support our Constitution and demand that those laws are followed. That's the whole deal. For that, we're all verbally assaulted by what can only be people opposed to the truth and our Constitution. Glenn Beck is only one source of information for us, although he's a great one.

History is full of people who let and/or helped their country fall by not staying informed, by not educating themselves, by listening to those who tell them not to go where the truth is being told, by allowing themselves to get addicted to the promises and handouts of those who made them needy, by being too lazy to help themselves and being intentionally dependent of others or by just not getting involved. It's sad that these people are our countrymen and our Constitution's threat. Education is the key to turning this around.
That was long winded, huh?

I spoke to someone today who told me about an independent college (Indiana?) tally of the numbers, which came in at 1.5 million (The same that ABC initially reported around noon). (the organizers of the Washington event) estimates the crowd size at 600,000 to 800,000, in this article.

I hope it was over 1,000,000 - but I have no reference. I have never been to anything like this before in my life. Whatever the number was, it was an incredible event!
Yeah. I usually travel with small amounts of people too, so .... All I know is that it was a huge amount of people and I'm happy to call them friends. That was a great day. Onward!


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