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Whitehouse: NASA to Put Muslim on Moon Using Muslim Technology

NASA to Put Muslim on Moon Using Muslim Technology
by Scott Ott for ScrappleFace

(2010-07-08) — The White House today announced a bold new program consistent with NASA’s top priority to help Muslims “feel good about their historic contribution in science and math and engineering,” as the space agency’s chief, Charles Bolden, recently told al Jazeera TV.

Echoing the words of President John F. Kennedy in March of 1961, President Barack H. Obama told a joint session of Congress, “I believe this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal of landing a Muslim on the Moon, and returning him safely to Earth using only Muslim technology.”

According to Mr. Bolden, NASA engineers are already “close to testing” a solid rocket booster powered by combustible animal dung, and operated according to principles discovered by Ibn Al-Haytham, Islam’s best-known scientist, who died in 1039 A.D..

While President Kennedy put a 10-year deadline on his moon-landing challenge, President Obama said he hopes to achieve this new daring goal “before the millennium is out.”

Meanwhile, the chief researcher at Yemen’s Muslim World University welcomed the president’s announcement, and offered his colleagues’ assistance in “targeting the moon landing so that the Muslim astronaut could plant the flag of Islam precisely on the lower tip of the lunar crescent, offering him a clear view of that really big star.”

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