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Merry Christmas Everyone

I see the Articles Of Freedom have been posted by the Continental Congress.I feel we need to get in back of this 110%.I was able to watch a good part of the Congress when they were in session in Nov. I was impressed at what depths and the pepole who gave testimony of what all our Government has realy been up to.They are very clear about the fields of interest.I also watch the movie Mr Smith Goes To Washington.I recommend watching it.It is a older movie but it looked alot like of whats going on today in DC.
I feel we are on the brink of some great things that are going to happen in 2010.I trutly am very excited about the change thats going to take place.We havent won the fight by a long shot, but I dont see them stopping the 912ers either its gona be like a flee stopping a run away freight train.We are picking up speed daily.
So if your still sitting on the fence yet keep hands and feet in ride at all times.If not lets realy put our backs into it and enjoy the ride.Its gona be GREAT !!!

Happy Freedoms in the New Year !!!


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