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I am so tired of the left wing garbage in this state and country!!! There needs to be a drastic overhaul in the US government. I say we get rid of everyone in office as of right now and start fresh with a total new house, senate, and commander in chief! Now I know that will never happen because there are to many politics in politics. The founding fathers did not have today's government in mind when they formed this great nation. We need to protect the 2nd amendment at all cost. If we lose that we lose everything! I don't understand how people could think that this administration is or will do any good whatsoever. All that has happened is, a health care that no one wants, and more steps towards disarming a alleged free country.. I have a great idea! next time vote for what is the right choice not because the person is a minority and you think he will do something for you for nothing. Nothing is free in politics. It is a shame that you have to do so much research on a person in office because they are that dishonest. I have a homework assignment for everyone, democrat or republican doesn't matter. Watch "WAG THE DOG" and write a blog post with their thoughts.

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Comment by Greg Fasolt on April 8, 2010 at 12:04pm
Thanks for posting, Shannon.

Sadly, our current situation is the consequence of more than 100 years of a steady drift toward collectivism. As much as we might want a quick solution, realistically, it is going to require patience and persistence to roll back the many layers of collectivism.

Perhaps the single greatest barrier to defeating the collectivists is the ignorance and misinformation that prevents most Americans from even understanding their rights and freedom; ignorance and misinformation that were intentionally imposed through the progressive movement.

Once people truly understand rights and freedom, they will be filled with passion that will not be denied and freedom will be restored.

However, as you have pointed out, widespread, anonymous possession of firearms is essential. Even the most rabid collectivists respect an armed citizenry, and so it is necessary as a deterrent to absolute tyranny if the people's passion for freedom is to have a hope of success.


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