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The Heritage Foundation: WikiLeaks / Steve Forbes Video / Obama Freezes Federal Pay

Heritage Responds to the WikiLeaks Release

by Andrew Vitaliti

While the government has failed to adequately respond to the embarrassing release of over a quarter-million State Department cables, Heritage Foundation experts have been addressing the situation head-on.

“The administration can repair the damage wrought by WikiLeaks. First, it can embrace a foreign policy that our adversaries fear and our friends respect,” writes Heritage’s James Carafano.

"A vast number of individuals have access to classified materials. The fact that compromises like this happen so rarely is a testimony to the restraint, judgment, and patriotism of those who serve and represent our nation. Their peers who betrayed the public trust betrayed all of them and the rest of us as well."

Heritage’s Conn Carroll puts the leaks issue in the larger context of President Obama’s failed foreign policy. Meanwhile, a panel of Heritage experts recently explored the consequences of the WikiLeaks security breaches and how the United States is responding.

How do you think the Obama administration should handle the WikiLeaks release? Post your comments on myHeritage »

Video: Steve Forbes Makes the Case for Free Enterprise

“The truth is, there is a moral basis for free markets,” Heritage Foundation trustee Steve Forbes said earlier this month at a Heritage event in Dallas.

Free enterprise, he explained, creates wealth through voluntary exchange. This wealth creation, in turn, allows for the great philanthropic enterprises that have improved our lives: higher education, medical research and more.

“We have to find our voices and not be on defense” against those who attack free enterprise, he argued.

Watch the video of his full remarks on myHeritage.

Obama Takes a Page from Heritage’s ‘Solutions,’ Freezes Federal Pay

Taking a page right out of The Heritage Foundation’s policy proposal handbook Solutions for America (page eight to be precise), President Obama announced today a pay freeze for all civilian federal employees for the next two years.

Heritage has been sounding the alarm on inflated federal pay for some time. Heritage experts are already providing the administration with even more ways to reform federal pay.

And if the administration is ready to implement other common-sense reforms, The Heritage Foundation has 127 more principled and specific recommendations covering 23 broad policy areas.

What do you think of the pay freeze proposal? What other steps should the government take? Let us know on myHeritage »

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