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TEA Party Citizen report to Huffinton post

The State College Pennsylvania Tea Party was scheduled between 4 and 7 Pm outside the Frasure street Post office.

I arrived fifteen minutes early to see 150 or so folks already standing around in a cold drizzle. By time 5pm rolled around that has swelled to 300-350 at any one time and the rain had stopped. The social atmosphere was friendly and festive the entire time.

Lots of signs very few produced from printing reproduction - the vast majority of signs were hand done just about all unique.
The one that stands out in my mind was about 15 feet tall and on the top foot it said “We are taxed enough”, the other 14 feet was a litany of taxes that we pay Federal Income, Social security, Unemployment...the list was in small print and probably had 25 or 30 different taxes and government fees listed.

There was a scroll emulating the Decoration of Independence with a list of modernized demands that boiled down to reaffirming our rights, having the government staying limited to its legitimate Constitutional functions and letting the people decide what to do with their money rather then Washington bureaucrats. The organizers say that the scroll will be submitted to Glen Thompson our local Congressman’s office on Friday. While no official count on the number of signatures, I did handle the scroll a few times bundling the signed part up so fresh part could be exposed for more people to sign. I would estimate 300 signatures since the scroll (two scrolls actually the first one was filled) looked about 50 feet long with each signature averaging 2 inches in height.

There were a bunch of speakers the first 10 or so had prepared remarks - the over all themes boiled down to: This is an American movement - not a right or left or independent one. Big government will take our money and our personal freedoms just like every other big government in history has. Government caused inflation is a hidden tax that robs us all with no regard to political stripe.

After the people with prepared remarks were done it was open mike and a lot of folks expressed gratitude to see that some one cares enough to let them be noticed and that there are people of like mind. To my knowledge no elected official higher then township auditor spoke – even though a county commissioner was in the crowd. This was a peoples rally.

The crowd was a surprising mix of young through old of both sexes, little old white haired ladies to young children who have no voice when it comes to creating the massive debt they are facing.

A point that I found most interesting was that economic freedom is a human rights issue, that the left-right dichotomy is basically a farce to keep us distracted and divided played by the Washington aristocracy while the economy burns.

Submitted by Tom Martin, Julian Pa 814 404-8432

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