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The march in D.C. was great. I met a lot of people who pay federal income tax, and none who didn't and are looking to get a piece of yours. I am proposing that a we seriously consider a "Tax Moratorium" protest. I fear that government funded healthcare will pass and the liberals may even elect to 'go it alone'. Where our groups power/influence lies is we actually pay federal income tax and the government desparately needs these funds as they are already running a huge deficit. To interrupt our flow of money to them may well be the only way to stop the insanity. We will need legal advise to contain our risks, but as I understand it we could change our F.I.T. withholding to practically zero and the risk would be interest and minor penalties. Of course, the Rangell rule might eliminate this risk. The key is to get enough participants to have and affect and create a situation where the likely outcome would be amnesty and not prosecution. May I hear your thoughts.

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