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As some of you know we need help in our Task Force meeting.The topics we talked about at the last meeting need your imput.It has become very clear what the Obama team has in store for us all.We need to step up the pace and meet them head on !!! Theres no time to waste.We all have seen some impact with the Tea Partys but the bottom line is they are still refusing to hear us.They are still pushing at a very rapid pace.Time to perpare for the worst RON PAUL says !!! One we know tells the truth.He is one closer to the truth then anyone I know in DC. I for one will heed his warning.
George Washington cross the Potomac River on the evening of the 25th of Dec. George Washington captured my great great grandfather in that raid.Who ended up fighting for FREEDOM with the army of George Washington !!!! It is on recored in New Jeresy.His name was John Christian Reese. I shall do no less..

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Comment by David Moyle on November 8, 2009 at 6:14pm
What does the task force do? As someone 3 hrs from State Collrge,
I can't attend meetings. Is there another way to possibly participate?
Comment by Nick Adams on November 8, 2009 at 6:44pm
Sure always something one can do...We need a watchdog group,,, anything thats realy changing in your area that concerns you.Maybe help form a 912 group in your area. Spread the word.


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