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Many folks argue that there is no constitutional codification of the concept of separation of church and state. True enough. However, given this celebration of Ramadan in our own White House, perhaps some of you might care to reconsider the idea. Let's think about it.

It is true that this event is only a state dinner and does not involve the imposition of religion on others through the state. However, this event cannot be viewed in isolation. It must be seen as one piece of a puzzle including multiculturalism, politically correct speech, the rapid spread of Islam here and abroad, and the adoption of Sharia law as an equal to western law throughout Europe, Canada, and now in America. Perhaps most of all, we should take notice of Islam's mandate for world domination.

Ask yourself, what follows this White House dinner? Don't accept this event as just an isolated one, but try to imagine what might be next, and after that.

This White House dinner, this celebration of an Islamic holiday in this iconic American building by the President of the United States sends a clear message. The Islamic world will understand this message. The multiculturalists and true Progressives will understand. Will you? Will your neighbor? Will you grasp the importance and validity of the concept of the separation of church and state in this light?

If humans posses rights that preceded the Constitution, as I have argued they do*, then the law, the Constitution, must defend those rights and not permit religion, mine, yours, or our elected officials, to supplant that law. Fortunately for Christians, their beliefs are largely consistent with law that protects rationally understood rights. But to retain those rights requires that they accept and embrace the separation of church and state. To do otherwise, to subscribe to the idea that it is just and proper to use the state to compel others to live by their convictions, throws open the door to other religions to do likewise.

It is convenient when your religious convictions and the law coincide, but something else altogether when they don't.

The separation of church and state is not the threat that Christians imagine, it is their assurance of their continued freedom to practice their faith because that is what rational law demands.

*I've been honored to speak to our group on the nature of rights, but if you missed that meeting, let me know and I'll be happy share the text of my talk with you.

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