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NOTE: This is the organizational information that used to be on the front page. I have just moved it to a blog post, instead.

As announced at our meeting on August 25, 2009, the bylaws are being revised to simplify the executive board and committee structure.

Here are the old bylaws, which will be changing, for anyone to review: bylaws_final.pdf

The new board members were elected, or volunteered at our meeting on August 25, 2009. This is our new structure, adopted because our organization is still too small to have 7 officers, plus 5 or 6 standing committees.

From now on, the business and orginizational discussions will not take place during General Meetings. Board meetings will be announced, and anyone interested in attending, or helping out is welcome to come.

General Meetings will be used only to discuss matters of importance to everyone, and as times to discuss topics of interest, current events, have guest speakers, etc. Most new business raised during General Meetings will be directed to the appropriate board member, for further discussion during the next board meeting.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: We still need active participation from the membership. Please do your best to help the individuals who have volunteered for these positions, and offer your assistance when called upon!

President: Peter Trippett

Secretary: Wendy Brown

Treasurer: Anne Larson

Membership Coordinator: Kris Eng

Web Management: unassigned for now

Publications: Ann Taylor

Activism and Events: Greg Fasolt

Public Relations: Bette Jackson

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