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Recently I submitted the following to the CDT Letter to the Editor. Don't know if it will be published but thought you all might be interested in some of the facts. Thanks to one of our members who posted one of the sites on the net that I got some of my info from.

All the latest talk about President Obama"s czars has heightened my curiosity recently with
the departure of Van Jones, the Green Czar. I turned to my trusted friend on the web
“Google” to get a few facts. According to the Metro Atlanta/State News article on
7/15/2009, “Obama has appointed nearly three dozen “czars” - an unofficial name for
special aide - to oversee policy areas. Their salaries are apparently paid by the White
House, and funded by taxes.” Their budgets are not subject to congressional oversight.
The latest figures show Obama has appointed 32 czars compared to 1 by Gerald Ford, 1 by
Dwight Eisenhower and 1 by Ronald Regan. George W. Bush appointed 35 also. These
White House staffers don’t undergo Senate confirmation nor are they a accountable for
their actions to the Congress, to cabinet officials, and to virtually anyone but the president.
According to a list compiled by US Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.) salaries range from
$172,200 for energy czar Carol Browner, terrorism czar, John Brennan and regulatory czar
Cass Sunstein to $98,000 for czar Joshua DuBois. According to , “the word
czar comes from the Russian “tsar” which in turn was derived from the Latin Caesar. It
means an emperor or autocrat. When used in relation to American government it is used
sardonically to suggest that someone is given authority inconsistent with a democracy”
What’s wrong with democracy?

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Comment by Greg Fasolt on September 16, 2009 at 2:34pm
Ann, thanks for posting this, and more, for submitting it to the CDT. This is the kind of activism that can make a difference. I do take issue with one point, and that is your reference to democracy. You ask, "What's wrong with democracy?" Quite a lot, as I'll try to explain.

Democracy is a collectivist form of government, quite contrary to the philosophy of the Declaration and Constitution. These documents establish a very limited government charged with protecting the (preexisting) rights of each person to life, liberty, and property. The form of government they created was a republic of fixed, objective law.

Democracy is the contrary, a collectivist government that allows some persons to capriciously vote away the rights and property of others. Laws in a democracy, as can be seen today, are not fixed and are constantly in flux. Democracy always results in societal degeneration and tyranny as history is witness.

I chose the term collectivist carefully here because it properly identifies the philosophy that underlies democracy. It is also the philosophy of socialism, collectivism, fascism, tribalism, and all forms of government except that based upon individualism, that form of government which places the individual before the common good, before the collective.

America was the shining star of human history because, for the first time in history, its form of government placed the interests of the individual before those of the collective. This was the great achievement of our founders, the establishment of the philosophy embodied in the Declaration, the republic created by the Constitution, and our capitalist system that is the economic expression of both.

If we are to win the fight to save our nation, it is essential that we choose the terms of battle, that we not allow our enemies to choose the words we use. The term democracy was intentionally introduced by the progressive movement early in the 20th century and has been propagated by the liberals in education and politics, to the point where we are today where few of us know the evil it represents and accept the idea that America is a democracy.

America's revolution began long before 1776. It began with the enlightenment, the age of reason, and it continues to this day. It is a revolution of ideas and we are the defenders of those ideas. America's salvation depends upon our defense of the philosophy the founders lived by, the rejection of collectivism and embrace of individual rights, the rejection of democracy and the embrace of our republic.

I've tried to convey my thoughts here, but brevity may preclude clarity. Please let me know what questions you might have.


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