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Obama Plan Working, Unemployment Declines In Washington, D.C.

Well, the latest unemployment stats show declines in Unemployment in D.C.

North Dakota and the District of Columbia registered rate
decreases, and 3 states had no change in their rate.

The news in the rest of the country was a bit worse.

"Regional and state unemployment rates were nearly all higher in
March. Over the year, jobless rates were up in all 50 states and the
District of Columbia. The national unemployment rate rose from 8.1
percent in February to 8.5 percent in March, which was 3.4 percent-
age points higher than in March 2008.

In March 2009, nonfarm payroll employment decreased in 48 states
and the District of Columbia and rose in 2 states. The largest over-
the-month employment decrease occurred in California (-62,100), fol-
lowed by Florida (-51,900), Texas (-47,100), North Carolina (-41,300),
Illinois (-39,600), and Ohio (-37,500). North Carolina experienced
the largest over-the-month percentage decrease in employment (-1.0
percent), followed by Idaho, Minnesota, and Washington (-0.9 percent
each) and Delaware, Nebraska, and Oregon (-0.8 percent each). The 2
states to show an over-the-month increase in employment were Mississippi
(+300 or less than +0.1 percent) and North Dakota (+300 or +0.1 percent).
Over the year, nonfarm employment decreased in 46 states and increased
in 4 states and the District of Columbia. The largest over-the-year
percentage decreases in employment occurred in Arizona (-7.0 percent),
Michigan (-6.4 percent), Florida, Nevada, and Oregon (-5.4 percent
each), and Idaho and North Carolina (-5.0 percent each). The over-
the-year percentage increases in employment occurred in the District
of Columbia (+0.8 percent), Alaska (+0.7 percent), North Dakota (+0.3
percent), and Louisiana and Wyoming (+0.2 percent each)."

Michigan ____________ 12.6%

Oregon _____________ 12.1%

South Carolina_________11.4%


North Carolina_________10.8%

Rhode Island__________10.5%



The American Economic stats resemble those in third world statist countries. Growth in and near the capital city where the looters and connected thugs work to split wealth pillaged from the rest of the economy.

I actually live in Pittsburgh but have some family connections in the area. I attended the Pittsburgh Tea Party and am cross posting this.

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