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To all who have read my writings in the past I ask that you take a few minutes and ponder what you would like to see focuses on in 2011 as I am working on putting together a subscription newsletter with some free content on the site as well. 
I have been looking at focusing on politcal issues that would effect the way you earn money how you can invest it and what it will mean to certain industries ( mining/ oil exploration).   As you may have noticed I'm gold and silver "bug", although I would prefer the term bug be used to describe the folks who love the fiat Federal Reserve note.  If you could let me know in the comment section what you would like to see, how you might want it set up and even what you would be willing to pay for a year subscription.  I will be reading these comments over the next few weeks to determine your thoughts.

Thanks and best wishes in the New Year.

Thomas G. Brown 

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