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My Letter to Senators and Congressmen Opposing Healthcare Legislation

November 20, 2009

Dear Representative,

I am writing to object, specifically to the Health Care Bill, and more generally to the direction our government is taking.

First, I would like to say that you are working for a worthy cause. You are trying to provide assistance to people who are in need. But, you are trying to provide this assistance in a manner that violates the founding principles of this country, that results in bigger and more powerful government and less freedom for the people.

This country was founded on fundamental and simple principles - that men should live free, that all men are created with inherent rights - and with an understanding that an unrestrained government is incompatible with freedom and inherent rights. The result of these ideas is a country that rose in less than 200 years to super-power status, above other countries and civilizations that had existed for thousands of years.

It is so easy to say, in light of the wealth and freedom that exists in America, that no person should suffer from any need. It is so easy to be in a position of power, and to feel compelled to do something to end such suffering. The most difficult task of a Representative is to find solutions that preserve the rights of all people. But, when you wield the power of Government, which in this country is loaned to you by the people, you must consider very carefully how your actions will affect the most fragile and precious asset embodied in our laws – the freedom of the people!

Those of us opposing the Health Care Bill are not doing so out of any hatred for people in need, bias against our President, racism, because we have been paid by large insurance companies, or any of the other ridiculous motives ascribed to us. We are doing so because of our love of freedom. We believe that the principles of this country, should not only be held above any other cause, but that they also contain the solutions to the very problems you are trying to solve!

The current proposed solutions, in the form of the House Health Care Bill, violate the rights and freedom of the people in so many ways, both obvious and subtle, that we cannot allow it to pass. I will try to list of few of these here.

  • The Bill requires that all Americans enter into a health insurance plan, and penalizes those who do not. Forcing people to enter into a contract against their will is not freedom – it is a form of slavery. It is also an unnecessary provision. The actual problem you wish to solve occurs when a person doesn't have enough money to pay for a necessary medicine or medical procedure. When an otherwise healthy person does not have medical insurance, no problem exists. I believe that analysis will show that the costs of providing actual medical care to those in need are significantly lower than the cost of providing health insurance for everyone.

  • The Bill, like many being passed by Congress lately, is too large and complex - over 1900 pages in length. This new bill was written, after many of us objected, throughout the Summer, to the size of the original House Bill, which was over 1000 pages in length. Legislation has become so complex that few citizens know for certain what we are getting, or have the ability or time to comprehend it. In fact, it is doubtful that even our Representatives have time to read and understand what they are voting for, and some have even admitted this. This complex, over-sized legislation denies the people their right to a Representative Government, and is viewed by many as a form of Tyranny, since it creates a situation in which people can be guilty of breaking laws they don't even know exist!

  • In order to help people in need, this Bill takes money from one group of people, to benefit another group. The money being taken represents the product of each person's mind and work. It forces those people to work some percentage of their time for the benefit of others, just as slaves are forced to work for the benefit of others.

  • In a Republic, the rights of the minority are to be protected. Otherwise, the majority will always vote themselves benefits at the expense of the minority. Like you, we desire to help those in need. But, before giving money to anyone, we should first give them every opportunity to become independent, productive people, capable of helping themselves. Taking money from the private sector to fund a new government program will reduce such opportunities for independence, and create more dependence.

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