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Karl Rove has launched himself in a questionable spot light with his railing against Christine O'Donnell in the Deleware race and altogether ignore the Marxist black liberation theology opponent she is running against. One would have to ask the reason of why such fervor attention on one and ignore the other?

I believe the answer for Karl Rove is actually a simple one. He calls himself a "compassionate conservative" and enjoys the name, "the architect". Barry Goldwater many years ago wrote for anyone to be wary of anyone who calls themselves any hyphenated conservative. But what has "the architect" help build? Bigger government and more bureaucracy. Let's look at his record. He helped put in place the so called "no child left behind act" that increased the Fed Gov't's power over schools diminishing state and local gov't along with parental authority. He brought us the US PATRIOT act which diminished individual liberty "for our better good". He helped bring us TARP and lacking any empirical data to prove the claim, the party line has been, "it would have been worse if we didn't do anything," which has brought us government control of banks and other entities. This was done in spite of most economist said the economy would have recovered in about 6 months. If you say something long enough, the myth becomes the truth, kinda like "Life takes Visa." I can go on with the list of things that "the architect" helped bring us, and I would submit to you that anyone with reason would say that these are the actions of someone who wants to empower the federal gov't more. The only ones who want more power to the feds would be a liberal/progressive. Conservatives/Constitutionalists are the exact opposite.

Let's face it, if more real conservatives/constitutionalists are elected resulting in real reform and reduction of the Federal Gov't, Karl Rove's legacy is at stake.

And so, my attention shifts to the Senatorial race in Delaware. Albeit, Christine O'Donnell may not be the pristine perfect candidate. However, she is like all of us in that she has made her mistakes in life and sometimes bad choices. We can say that of all of the founding fathers as well. We can take a look at great men and women of the bible where it clearly shows character flaws of these people. Where they to made poor decisions, but yet, they did some great things with God's help. Somehow, we have become a society of glitz and glamor and all of our candidates must be flawless. Our reporters are more than happy to give them a polished exterior and paint them greater than life, when it is in their interest to do so. So when someone like O'Donnell comes along and eliminates one progressive in what would have been a two progressive race, Rove has no choice, but to rid himself of someone who threatens his own agenda. Don't be mistaken, Rove has an agenda and being the political animal that he is, it is within his own nature. Rove has finally removed his mask to prove himself a part of the good ol' boys club and confirm the reality of his being a progressive.

One can counter argue that he was just a part of the Bush administration and he could not enact all of the "conservative" values he had. It sounds great, however, in the Post-Bush era, Rove has a great opportunity at hand now. He can argue that he is only pointing out what the Democrats will do to Christine O'Donnell and accuse her of this coming November and that she is not a winnable candidate. The local Republican's in Delaware disagreed with Rove and nominated her, defeating a progressive liberal multiple term Republican. The established good ol' boy candidate, one who Rove supported. Post defeat, Rove still is railing against O'Donnell. But what about her opponent? Never mind he is a Marxist and supporter of the black liberation theologian.ideology, which is a rebranding of Christianity remade in Marxism, same type of "church" President Obama attended for 20+ years under Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The opponent's name is Chris Coons and he is a devout communist/progressive. Harry Reid refers to Coons as his "pet".

With Coon's history and record, a strategist like Karl Rove could easily wipe the floor with him and make the O'Donnell victory simple. But he's not. Instead, he is bent in destroying her and making sure Coons wins.

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