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Debbie and I was jailed over a tax we didnt know about on Monday, over a 1770.00 wage tax. After the fire in 2007 we had lost all our recoreds everything was a total loss and have been trying to recover them ever since ,this one fell threw the cracks as a resault we went to jail on a bench warrent Thats Dead or Alive yes for a tax.Taken by surprise we spent over 12 hrs in jail till we came up with that amount and treated like we were crooks thank God my son was home,its kinda hard to do anything when they have you,We have a hearing on the 25th but I know will never see that money again.We are still in the dark as to what this tax is, we are not accountants but we have had big name accountants and law firms in the area who has screwd us.We have had our very successful business striped away from us over the last few years.Spread the wealth is alive and well in Centarl PA. its called socialism and is in the systems already and working the District Court is aware but has to follow the letter of current law. Will share what jail was like on a later post OH BOY !!! what a ride that was.

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Comment by Greg Fasolt on September 17, 2009 at 11:58am
Nick, I'm really sorry to hear this. You have my sympathies as I've been through the IRS mill. You may never learn the details of that tax. From my experience, the IRS operates capriciously, on the whim of their agents and, I suspect, undecipherable computer programs (I give them the benefit of the doubt here as I hate to imagine the programs are intentionally rigged). Are best wishes are with you. Keep us informed, please.
Comment by Nick Adams on September 18, 2009 at 5:04am
Well I know if I had any doubt about them destroying our company and giving it to others, you know
( SHARE THE WEALTH ) that time has long past.Scoialism in this area is alive and well and has been for the last few years. PSU isGuilty as sin in alot of what has happn to us.Betty
thinks I should share some of what has happen to us with the group over the last couple of years.And belive me it goes right to the top at PSU and I have held alot in because I know what they are and what they can do to one and how they control just about everything in Center County and throuh out the state.Jake Cormans office is also very aware and has keep recored of many things.But I feel that his hands are tied also after many phone calls.Glenn beck is right when he says we must be willing to risk it all in this fight.I know if I dont it will destoy everything I worked for anyhow in the end, and that time is closer then we may think if we dont stop them now.


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