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Infiltrators? Seems like a natural conclusion to me.

March 23, 2010

‘Has the FBI Infiltrated the Tea Parties?’

Posted by Lew Rockwell on March 23, 2010 06:39 AM

A friend asked me that question yesterday. Of course, I said. We know that Homeland Security considers Ron Paul supporters and other libertarians to be potential terrorists (which is all you need to know about the state’s use of that term). In the 1970s, the FBI had agents at the tiny Libertarian party’s conventions. Now the FBI and other spy agencies are vastly bigger. There are the federal and state DHSs. Then there is the CIA, other intelligence agencies, and what used to be called the Red Squads of state and local police departments.

There are probably hundreds of thousands of government spies in the land of the free. And as with all such efforts, a number will be agents provocateurs. The police state’s “right-wing extremists,” like the “left-wing extremists” of yore, will set out to cause trouble so as to discredit opposition to the state. For example, recent Tea Party people who allegedly denounced a Parkinson’s patient or spat at gay and black congressmen might well have been agents. Offensive signs might be Made in DC too. Next might come calls for violence by alleged Tea Party types, and perhaps acts, which can be used to suppress dissent. Peaceful resistance is not only right, it is all that works, unless you are with the state. If anyone urges the use of violence, the state’s characteristic action, he is probably an agent.

UPDATE from a friend:FBI planting spies in U.S. mosques, Muslim groups say
The groups claim the FBI has sent undercover agents posing as worshippers into mosques, pressured Muslims to become informants, labeled civil rights advocates as criminals, and spread misinformation…

The FBI has sent “agents provocateur” into California mosques, according to the statement, which says an FBI agent threatened to make one mosque member’s life a “living hell” if he did not become an informant.

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Comment by David Moyle on March 28, 2010 at 9:10am
I don't doubt that there are some tea party groups being looked at by the FBI, but I have a hard time believing they are trying to incite riots or publicly discredit the movement as a whole. So far, I think most of the accusations and rhetoric on "angry tea party mobs" has come from a few very left wing politicians and has been fostered by most of the liberal media. I'd sooner suspect a liberal actvist of posing as a tea party activist to discredit the movement. This very tactic was used in Colorado during the Presidential election - a window was broken at the Democratic headquaters and the Republicans were accused of it - sound familiar? It turned out a left wing fringe nut did it to set up the Republican party. We should not fear infiltration by the government or left wing activists. Our best defense is the truth. I plan to bring my video camera to all future protest events. Imagine the damage to the left wing credibility of an incident caught on tape where the truth outs a liberal activist.
Comment by William Ames on March 28, 2010 at 7:49pm
Maybe you should ask the folks that got raided by the FBI over the weekend what they think ;-)
Comment by David Moyle on March 28, 2010 at 8:40pm
Again, I don't doubt that the FBI has infiltrated some tea party groups to see what they are up to. But raiding a group and posing as someone for the pupose of commiting violent acts to discredit the associated group are two different things. Peaceful demonstration is our best tactic for being heard; documenting the demonstrations is our best defense against being subverted by the oppostion.

It looks like the raid will turn out to be an embarassment for the FBI - it was reported to be a religious group preparing for end times and war against Islam, but they only arrested a couple of people. Either there was nothing going on or they blew their cover too early. Either way, they may end up looking more like big brother than defenders of the public.


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