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Heritage Action for America / Obama's Tax Deal is a Raw Deal for Americans

Obama's Tax Deal is a Raw Deal for Americans

Dear Robert,

When President Obama first announced his tax deal, we told Washington to slow down and not rubber stamp the package.

In November, the American people spoke out against typical Washington deal-making and in favor of politicians who will cast votes on principle. This deal reeked of Washington.

Now President Obama’s tax deal is an actual bill. And Harry Reid included even more spending in order to buy off votes to support it. To prevent a massive income tax increase, Members of Congress now are being asked to vote for ethanol subsidies, mass transit tax deductions, energy efficient appliance subsidies, and cash subsidies for alternative electricity generating corporations. All this in addition to tens of billions plus in unemployment compensation and a return of ....

And what would conservatives get in return for this business-as-usual, spending binge? Two years of continued tax rates.

According to the conventional wisdom in Washington this is ‘the best deal we can get.’ We reject that.

November 2nd was supposed to signal an end to business as usual in Washington. It was supposed to be the beginning of a principle-driven Congress in which members fought for what they believe in, not what was politically palatable inside the Beltway.

This kind of insider deal is not what we sent people to Congress to do. It’s time to tell Washington: enough is enough.

Members of Congress who want to save the American people from increased taxes should fight hard for a clean extension of the Bush tax cuts. When they do, you and I will stand proudly on their side.


Michael A. Neeham
Chief Executive Office
Heritage Action for America

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