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Here is an organization that may be worth a look. They plan to run non-party-affiliated citizens against the major party candidates in all 435 districts.

GOOOH "Get Out Of Our House"

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Comment by Greg Fasolt on September 11, 2009 at 1:55pm
I had a look at this the other day and actually signed up so that I could complete their potential candidate survey. My take is that the result will populist. In fact, many of the questions on the survey shouldn't be there, and the fundamental questions are altogether missing. I believe this reflects a lack of principle on the part of the person or persons that drafted the survey. The concept may be good, but the result, as the survey stands now, would only be the tyranny of democracy. Perhaps a concerted effort to educate the founder and correct the survey would be useful, but I am very skeptical of GOOOH as it stands.


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