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Every day that passes I begin to understand exactly where Beck is coming from. Like he says, it is not Obama that is the problem. Instead it is the people behind him that we never elected. To me Obama is a sock puppet on the hand of many people. They needed a front man/woman to finish the job they started years ago and Obama, along with his staff and other people, have become expendable to their cause. If Obama was not in office, they would have found another way to do what they want. I think they want control. Control not only over the U.S. but perhaps all over the globe. Groups such as Tides, and ACORN have offices and influence all over the world. Some may say my thoughts would border on conspiracy and that is not what I intend to be saying. In fact I hope I am wrong on this.

Obama has been gradually downgrading the U.S. world status. The U.S. dollar is losing value and is on the verge of loosing the world currency status. He has slowed the growth of our defenses, both nationally and internationally (European missile defense shield). He is ignoring our long time allies (England, Israel), and has been talking to "enemies" more and more and his actions tend to lean towards their side (Chavez, Qadhafi, Palestine). It started when he first took office and his apology tour around the world, and hasn't really stopped. He seems to be pushing things that the American people have wanted for a long time (healthcare) to almost distract what he is really doing. It is along the lines of a magician using slight of hand to pull off a trick. His supporters use race way to much because they think it will work over time because people have become to fearful of being labeled a racist so some tend to let them do as they please. Obama is lowering the status of the U.S. from THE global power to just another country. Why? To level the playing field. It is easier to get someone to join you when they do not feel intimidated by you. Take what he and his administration have said about how they want to promote Obama (NEA). It can be applied to any movement even our own, it is all good advice. The community organizing has gone international. What has been done at the UN meeting and the G20 summit this past week can be compared to any ACORN rally in the past. It is putting the minority in the spotlight, which I do not disagree with, but as they are given an inch they are taking a foot (Muammar Qadhafi's speech at the UN which was around 90 minutes, not...). Between this and the lack of immigration policy we have, it opens the door to anything that is only limited by ones imagination.

We are slowing moving away from our constitution to conform to the global standard of socialism and communism. I have never really like the saying "If you can't beat them, join them" but that appears to be the road we are traveling down. What happened to us as being the world leaders? We used to be the country everyone else came to when there was a problem. When Katrina hit, who came to our rescue? France with the several hundred cots? No, it was Kuwait with oil. Where were all the other countries that should have returned the favor? The U.S. is slowly becoming an enabler to other countries and losing their respect at the same time. We are loosing the rights we have fought for, and who hundreds of thousands have died for. Does this mean nothing? Who in their right mind can go to the WWII memorial or the Wall and look at all the names and say "Sorry, but your death doesn't mean anything anymore because we are becoming what you fought against."

I do not want a global community. People of the world are to different and it is impossible to all live in the same house. If it was possible I would think that during the expansion of nations thousands of years ago, everyone would have got along, there would have been no wars, and we would be a single nation world today. World peace will never happen. Of course it would be great if it did, but there is no way for it to happen. I’m not saying let wars destroy the world, but instead let people do what they want, both domestically and internationally, and at the same time keep the treat down to ensure the security of our nation.

Obama seems to be living in this wonderland of ideas, and most of the time I do not think he takes his job seriously. Using his own words, he is acting stupidly. I want to go to bed at night not having to worry about being attacked, send my kids off to school to learn all they can, go to my job and earn money to spend on what I want to spend it on. I want my kids grow up to do what they want, and to live to their full potential. I also want to have no worries about them when I die. Is that wish just that, a wish?

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Comment by Erik Fuls on October 3, 2009 at 11:24pm
We aren't defenseless. The US has not taken any steps in progressing national and global defense. Look at Afgan., he still has not made a decision about what to do. That is BS. I have total respect for the presidential office, but none for PBO. He needs to get over his ego and be the President of the United States for once.


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