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Mark you calenders everyone. Glenn Beck has set the stage for August 28, 2010 to meet at the feet of the Lincoln Memorial for the 100-year plan. This is set for August so you can bring your family. The D.C. planning commission is changing laws for large group assembly, and this may be the last time we can assemble at the Lincoln Memorial Mall. The planning Commision cites one reason for this is after the inauguration of the great one and the damaged grass and 100 tons of garbage left behind, although when we got together in D.C. everything was cleaned up by us that were there. ( This is the Newsletter from the D.C. planning commission that states on page 3 paragraph 4 about the need to designate an area more suitable for large group gatherings. Check it out.

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Comment by David Moyle on December 4, 2009 at 7:32pm
Theoretically speaking, how would they stop say, a million people from showing up to protest bad legislation after the new went into effect? I thought the Capitol Building belong to us - as in "We the People".
Comment by Jeff Replogle on December 7, 2009 at 8:46pm
It's amazing how "our" buildings in D.C. are off limits to the people. After Beck reported on this, I checked into it, and if you go to the link, you will see their plan for rallies to be held in another location in D.C. I do not see how this is legal, but all they have to so is pass a simple ordinance and it will be set in stone with a location picked by our great leaders. The reason for this, right in the document, is stemming from after inauguration day, the tons of garbage Obama supporters left behind. If a million people showed up in peaceful protest of our Government, I believe we would be labeled as the "angry mob" again and riot police be called in.


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