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"You Are NOT Alone!"

It's clear we are being observe by local folks that they show up for a rally about climategate in opperssion to find the truth.The fact that they show, is proof that the debate is far from over.The progressive left steps on the gas even in our back yard as we are in search of the real truth.This is why I see the Articles Of Freedom as our way to fully restore our country.There are just so many issues that need to be address.The Articles Of Freedom cover 14 constitutional violations.Just by restoring the violation of our constitutional rights covers many,many of the issues we face today.It will also clear the way forward for our Nation to recover and grow.So are they important? I feel they are the most important documents of our time.I am committing much of my time now as possible getting the word out and letting people know about how to view the Articles making them aware that something truly great is about to happen.Take note of the counter on pledges it's growing daily does it look familiar? Stand with God is to stand against Tyranny.

Bring America Home !!!!

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