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Its been my experience that half measure will avail us NOTHING. I am in this fight to regain our country all the way. For me I have nothing left to lose.The way it's going and has been going for the last 30 years, of my life's work, it has already been stolen by the progressives. There is not much left now for them to claim. But I am willing to put what is left on the line... If I don't, they will surely take it away. The Scott Brown election proved that We The People are united. But what do we know about him, very little, but it did send a clear message to DC and hopefully he IS truly what he is claimed to be.... For The People. I didn't join the 912 project to help elect Demos or Republicans. I joined in hopes of real change. Some of the folks of the Continental Congress have put years of their lives and research into giving us a clear path to restore our country. It is basically the same path our founders had taken. It worked for them, at a great cost, but they thought it was worth it. It can work for us now, too. Our founders knew this day would come and, I feel, our time and engery should be working toward the support of this movement, fully. Should we now play the game of politics and work to get this one or that one elected and hope for the best? Or do we stand now and say no more... we want our country restored NOW, by the ones who are in office at present or they will be removed. We may never get another opportunity, in our lifetime, to fully restore our Country. I pray we don't get sidetracked or highjacked and can stay the course. A good example is The National Tea Party having Sarah Palin speak at the convention, only to say she will endorse John MCain, a progressive. This is not why I joined the 912 project nor did I think thats what we were all about. I am not saying we shouldn't support looking for good folks to run for office. Many people need this change to start now. Peoples lives are in total disarray and they presently have no hope. May God guide us now to do the right thing.

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Comment by Jonathan Kinyon on February 9, 2010 at 3:51pm
I agree with you Nick in your overall assessment. One thing I did hear the Sarah Palin say, in regards, to John McCain, "She keeps her promises..." With that, I believe she had made a former promise, perhaps during the election campaign for McCain presidential run (speculation on my part), in spite of what she believes personally, she is keeping true to her word.

There is a legitimate concern that candidates will use the 9-12 Project and the Tea Parties to just either get themselves elected or keep themselves elected for a period of time. Fortunately, we can look at a lot of who candidates associate themselves with, how they vote (if they have held office before) and what they believe in.

A perfect example is the lip service paid by "GT Thompson" in delivering the grievances video. I wish someone like Michele Bachman would have delivered it as it would have been delivered with passion and clarity. Thompson went through the motions of just saying words and then missed a key point over and over again, we are a Republic, not a Democracy!

Thomas Jefferson summed up a democracy quite well when he said, "A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine." Our progressive Republican and Democrats have spent the past century working hard to teach us that we are Democracy instead of a Republic. Democracies always fail and fade into oligarchies.

We, as a group do need to achieve 2 things, one, get people in who will roll laws back and strip the Federal government of its powers and restore it to the people, local, and state governments, the second, get constitutional amendments that will prohibit such behaviors ever happening again. I will post another conversation about the Amendments and would like some feedback from the membership on it.
Comment by Nick Adams on February 9, 2010 at 8:40pm
My take on Sarah Palin is she's not trusting the people , but she's has been kicked around hard.But it's like a brid for it;s frist flight .You either fly or you hit the ground and your cat bait..So it's warm and fuzzy to jump in with Republicans for the time being.If she trusted the people my guess is she could run as a Democrat and won if her heart was in it, to help the poor buggers...Could be John McCain hands are tied after all AZ is busted flat and progressive's will hold you hostage nothing is beneath them.Thats on thin ice ...But I sure would like to hear WHY !!!


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