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In my opinion, the Dem/Lib push to allow union card check is aimed almost totally at unionizing WalMart.

Think of how many WalMart employees there are, how much money [political power] all those employee union dues would amount to, and how little - if any - control employees ever have over how their union dues are spent by the union. Also, think of what unionization would do to WalMart (think: Big 3 Auto makers), and what the ultimate result will be to WalMart under unionization:

1. Failure

2. The current in-vogue Libtard mantra regurgitated to justify the unjustifiable to the ignorant masses: "WalMart is too large an employer for us to allow to fail! The impact to the economy [read as: the loss of union dues/political payoffs] would be too severe for the country to endure!! We must give a BAILOUT to WalMart".

3. The U.S. government would then own at least some controlling interest in WalMart.

Think about the big picture of that last part… The U.S. owning a piece of WalMart would be the old mining town "Company Store" trap times eleventy-billion! Not only would the gub'ment be getting sales tax on everything you bought, they would be getting a piece of the profit margin on everything you bought.

This is a major hot button issue with me.

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