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"You Are NOT Alone!"

I had a chance to watch "Atlas Shrugged" over the weekend.  We were visiting Bradford, PA.  A theater near Buffalo, NY was showing the movie, about an hour drive away!

No spoilers here, but this movie was great! It was definitely trying to be as close to the book as possible.  It made use of a small but clever (and appopriate) change to the story to set it in our own immediate future, thus making the whole movie more relevant to our own situation.

I have read other reviews which complained that the acting was a little flat, but I thought it was fine. I really liked the characters. And, the movie caught the tone of the book very well. Many scenes contained very beautiful architecture.

I spoke to some people after the movie, who said that they were easily able to follow the story, despite not having read the book.

I was at a Saturday afternoon (1:40PM) showing, and the theater was quite full.  My wife counted at least 65 people.

Everyone in the theater applauded at the end of the movie!

I would gladly go see this movie again! I just hope it comes to a theater closer to home!

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