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A Note to Government Healthcare Supporters


This is a free country, you can have the healthcare plan you want. For the past year, we have heard from wealthy people, actors, doctors, and insurance companies, who support the idea of a government heathcare plan. There should be absolutely nothing in a free country stopping you from setting up a system like the one described in the Senate or House healthcare bills. If you do so, and you can show everyone how well it works, then the rest of the people will be free to join you!

If your excuse for not setting up such a system is that it would work only with the forced participation of everyone, then that is proof that the system you are proposing is immoral, and will not work anyway. If we are truly free people, we should all be able to choose whether or not we wish to participate in such a plan. A plan which compells people to participate against their will is not freedom, it is tyranny. History has shown that forced compulsion leads to failure.

If the plan will not work when 30% of the people paricipate, that is strong evidence that it will fail with 100% participation.

In a free country, you must lead by example, you cannot force a free people to do anything. Prove to us that your plan will work, and we will follow you, freely!

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