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An Answer to Ben Stein's Claim That "Bailouts Work"

Yesterday, I saw an episode of "Cavuto on Business", in which the “bailout” of GM was discussed. As you may know, GM has recently run advertisements bragging that they have repaid their loans ahead of schedule. Ben Stein, a guest on Neil Cavuto's show, concluded that bailouts work. I take great exception to that comment. Bailouts do not work!

When Ben Stein says that bailouts work, he…


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HR 2499 Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2010 Has Passed

The controversial bill HR 2499 has passed the House of Representatives. Before being passed, it was amended, to remove one of the more objectionable features of the Bill.

The bill now calls for two referendums in Puerto Rico. In the first, the people of Puerto Rico are asked to choose between:

  1. Puerto…


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Which Are The Correct "Fix The Government" Petitions to Support?

There are hundreds of petitions that exist on the internet, that are supposed to fix the government. There are so many such petitions, that many freedom-minded people don't know which ones are legitimate.

One such petition, which you are asked to support is the Articles of Freedom, a document created by the Continental Congress 2009. The We The People Foundation, the organization that first proposed the Continental Congress 2009, has been "petitioning government for redress…

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Tax Advice Fail

OK, this one is just too funny to ignore. This was posted on Failblog, and is one of the Top-Ten blogs of the week according to PJTV's Stephen Green. This was taken from an IRS instruciton manual...

epic fail pictures

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"9-12 Group has Legitimate Concerns" (Collegian Article)

I gave an interview last week, to Bill Wellock, a reporter for The Daily Collegian, PSU's newspaper.

Here is a link to the resulting article:

9-12 group has legitimate concerns

"Peter Trippett is not crazy. When I asked him about the perception of groups like the 9-12 Project or the Tea Party protesters, he laughed a…


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A Note to Government Healthcare Supporters


This is a free country, you can have the healthcare plan you want. For the past year, we have heard from wealthy people, actors, doctors, and insurance companies, who support the idea of a government heathcare plan. There should be absolutely nothing in a free country stopping you from setting up a system like the one described in the Senate or House healthcare bills. If you do so, and you can show everyone how well it… Continue

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Bring Glenn Beck to State College?

Glenn Beck has announced his plan to turn the country around. He is planning a tour to present his plan to the country. He has posted a widget on his site, to "demand" that Glenn should come to your community. Here it is ... if you use it, make sure you enter the zip code 16801, for State College, PA.…


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My Letter to Senators and Congressmen Opposing Healthcare Legislation

November 20, 2009

Dear Representative,

I am writing to object, specifically to the Health Care Bill, and more generally to the direction our government is taking.…


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Hoss's Community Night

If you wish to take advantage of this offer, you will need to print this email, to take with you to the restraunt. If you wish to do so, then please click here to get this email in a printable PDF: Hoss Community Night Ticket


From: Hoss's Community Night []

Sent: Wednesday, October 14, 2009… Continue

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NOTE: This is the organizational information that used to be on the front page. I have just moved it to a blog post, instead.

As announced at our meeting on August 25, 2009, the bylaws are being revised to simplify the executive board and committee structure.

Here are the old bylaws, which will be changing, for anyone to review: bylaws_final.pdf

The new… Continue

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GOOOH "Get Out Of Our House"

Here is an organization that may be worth a look. They plan to run non-party-affiliated citizens against the major party candidates in all 435 districts.

GOOOH "Get Out Of Our House"

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At Least Someone In The Next Generation Gets It!

This essay was written by my daughter, Jenny. I found this on my keyboard one morning last week. It is good to know she has been paying attention!


“We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights, that among those are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”
-The Declaration of Independence

As most of us know, this… Continue

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Letter From Senator Casey

Here is an email I received from Senator Casey


On Thursday, August 20th, I will be hosting two public forums to discuss the

Affordable Health Choices Act, the Senate’s Health Care Bill. Details for each

forum are below. Please plan to come early. Doors will open an hour before each

event and seating will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Public Forum #1:

Thursday, August 20 at 9:45 am

Lock… Continue

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CDT Post About Healthcare

There was a letter to the editor of the CDT opposing healthcare, which sparked another discussion on the CDT website. I added my opinion, as follows:


Those of you who are supporting this national healthcare bill are ignoring the fundamental injustice of it.

If I came into your home, and demanded you give me your money at gunpoint, and then I donated that money to the most… Continue

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My Email To The President

Dear President Obama (,

You asked for a report of any misinformation about Healthcare being spread on the internet.

I found something that really scares me. It comes from a very powerful organization, is intended to fool the people, and if people start believing in it, it will end any effort to implement real changes in our healthcare system!

On the website, there is a document, that is over 1000 pages in length. The link to it can… Continue

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Reaction To Specter At One of the First Town Hall Events

Here is the reaction from the crowd at one of the first Town Hall meetings about the Healthcare bill. This article is from Fox News:

Read The Article

Keep up the good work everyone! I hope we can confront Specter when he visits us here in State College (if he makes it this… Continue

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The Chart That Congress Doesn't Want You To See

According to the, this chart, depicting the House Healthcare plan, has been banned by the Democrat Majority in congress.

You can read the article here.




Democrats Prohibit Use of Charts & Words that… Continue

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5 Freedoms You Would Lose in Health Care Reform

Here is a very good article, sent to me by Robert Shearer.

5 Freedoms You Would Lose in Health Care Reform


5 Freedoms You'd Lose in Health Care Reform

by Shawn Tully

Monday, July 27, 2009

provided by FORTUNE on

If you read the fine print in the… Continue

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My Entry on the Open Letter Petition

Here is what I wrote for the Open Letter Petition:

To all of our branches of government, and to the media:

All of you have a sacred duty to uphold and protect our constitution. All of you are abdicating that duty!

To the Supreme Court:

The wording in the Bill of Rights is clear and unambiguous. Your duty is to prevent the government from impinging on those rights and freedoms that are inherent to all of us. It seems to me, that if… Continue

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A Letter From the President of the 9-12 Project of Central PA

Hello Members of the 9-12 Project of Central Pennsylvania!


First, I wanted to thank everyone for joining this organization, for participating in the Tea Party (and other events), and for waking up to realize that something is wrong. We all joined this group for some reason – to bring about some sort of change in our lives, to try to make a difference in what our government is doing, or maybe just to find a group of like-minded individuals to socialize…


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