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Those who oppose Tea Party Movement would have opposed Reagan Revolution. - By Mark Levin

Tuesday, September 21, 2010 at 10:37am

They come out of the woodwork. Honestly. I don't know Richard Baehr. And he does not know me, although he seems to think he does. For example,

while there are aspects of Ayn Rand that I like, there are other aspects

I do not. Yet, in a couple of slaps some time ago, he wrote this:…


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Karl Rove - Not a Conservative Afterall

Karl Rove has launched himself in a questionable spot light with his railing against Christine O'Donnell in the Deleware race and altogether ignore the Marxist black liberation theology opponent she is running against. One would have to ask the reason of why such fervor attention on one and ignore the other?

I believe the answer for Karl Rove is actually a simple one. He calls himself a "compassionate conservative" and enjoys the name, "the architect". Barry Goldwater many years ago… Continue

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Challenging the GOP Establishment - Jedediah Bila

Challenging the GOP Establishment

by The Association of Mature American Citizens | Found in the Simply Jedediah category…


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The Anti-Restore Honor Rally from the Progressive Left

Yes, the left is on the move with their own anti 9/12 and Restoring Honor Rally. They are joining forces with the usual suspects, SEIU and other unions, who will foot the bill for the buses and the [union] people attending will be paid. Not hard when you have deep pockets of George Soros and others most likely backing the entire bill.

The location? Lincoln Memorial.

Here is their site. Ed Shultz will be attending - I wonder if he has 300k viewers? lol…


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Oval Office rug gets history wrong - By Jamie Stiehm

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A mistake has been made in the Oval Office…


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