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Warning about Headquarters of Meetup Groups

The National meetup groups have been infiltrated by Anti-God Liberals!

These Anti-God Liberals don’t want the Truth shared in the individual groups.

They will block people who are sharing too much Truth from posting on every meetup group, even if the local organizers are Godly people and want the Truth shared!

Why do I know this?

Because I joined over 150 meetup groups in America and have been posting the Truth.

I have been slowly identifying which organizers were Anti-God Liberals and would get banned from these in short order for sharing the Truth.

I was finding the groups who had organizers who were Godly people and believed in doing the right thing and working to protect the Constitution.

I was starting to remove myself from the rest of the meetup groups who didn’t have any traffic to reduce my workload.

Today (2010-07-21) I find that I am blocked from every meetup group, including those who have organizers who are Godly people and are Seeking the Truth.

The only way this can take place is by the hand of someone at Headquarters of meetup!

This finishes proving meetup groups have been infiltrated by Anti-God liberals.

How can they claim to support Glenn Becks 912 Principles and Values when the ---2nd Principle is that God is the center of our Life--- when they totally have rebelled and rejected God’s Truth from being shared?

Meetup groups are no longer a safe or Godly platform to utilize if you are a Godly person Seeking to Stop these Anti-God Liberals from Trashing and Trampling on all of our God given Freedoms, Rights and Liberties and the Constitution!

Even if your local meetup organizer is a Godly person, You can no longer rely on meetup groups for the Truth anymore when headquarters can and will ban anyone from all Local groups for sharing God’s Truth!

Past articles I have posted: ----Are you a Believer?----Theory of evolution vs Truth----America has a National Religion #1----America’s National Religion of Evolution #2----Schools- Business as Usual----Violations of your Civil Rights -—To all Judges ----To all Sheriffs----Liberals and Murder?----Unconstitutional Laws----Gun Rights--Did we Win?----One Gun Daley----Mayor Daley Rights----Extermination by Gun Control----Evil Monsters in DC----America is being Blessed again----Is Mayor Daley a Thief #1---- Is Mayor Daley a Thief #2----Fundamentally Change America----

You can enter the names of these posts and do a search on the Internet to find them for your review and you decide if I am sharing God’s Truths and fighting for our Creator and the Constitution!

What are ---YOU--- going to do to Protect your Kids Future God given Freedoms, Rights and Liberties from these Anti-God Liberals?

“The world is a Dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are Evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” ----Albert Einstein---

---Pass this warning to everyone--- that, these Anti-God Liberals who are Trashing and Trampling on our Creator and the Constitution have ---infiltrated Headquarters of meetup groups.---

Another article by ---Duzey

Randy Due

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