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Two more things that are just as important as health care.

Maybe other folks have seen this, but is was news to me. do searches on H.R. 675 and S.773 (or S.r. 773). Two very important things that are also going on while we focus so much on Health Care. One allows for the civil security force, run through DoD and the other allows the government to close down internet access in cas of an "emergency". Scarey stuff. Ignore the man behind the curtain....

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Thanks for posting, Roger. These folks really are overwhelming us. If you have the time to collect a few concise, specific facts on these to post here, I'm sure it would e helpful and much appreciated.
SR 773 is all over the internet today, so others have got that covered better than I could. HR 675 is scarey because it allows for a law enforcement structure within the Department of Defense (DoD). Current law does not allow regular military forces to be used within the US. National Guard forces are subject to State leadership when within the US. The bill, as proposed, allows for the following: "Law enforcement officers of the Department of Defense: authority to execute warrants, make arrests, and carry firearms.'

The guidance for these officers comes as such: "Guidelines on Exercise of Authority- The authority provided under subsection (a) shall be exercised in accordance with guidelines issued by the Secretary of Defense and approved by the Attorney General."

The problem is, there already are DoD officers that do all these things. However, they have very limited jurisdiction and focus on internal DoD criminal activities. However, if a law enforcement entity is created in the Department of Defense, well, the President is Commander and Chief, and this becomes a law enforcement entity that is not military, but has access to military resources and controlled through DoD.

HR 673 authorized benefits for Federal law enforcement officers and the description of what is a law enforcement officer matches almost verbatim what he is trying to authorize for DoD law enforcement officers. Another interesting coincidence. Guess what the HR after HR 675 is about? Its the one introducing National Health Insurance.

The guy who introduced this bill, Bob Filner, D-CA Dist 51, is quite the guy. Check out his Wikipedia entry for more info. His district covers the entire southerrn border of California and he has numerous private bills ( I didn't know ther was such a thing) for monetary payments for people incarcerated in Mexico.

It all just keeps going and going. Argh!


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