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"You Are NOT Alone!"

Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" is a novel that teaches her philosophy, and involves the productive members of society going on strike - Atlas shrugging. If you have not read the book, now would be a good time because the philosophy that supports the novel also explains why we are in the mess we are in today.

Whether you have read Atlas or not, you should probably read the following.

Strike Against Socialism On April 30 - day before the May Day!

My name is Leon Weinstein. I immigrated to the US from the former Soviet Union. I already experienced the Universal Healthcare, equality in housing and distribution of wealth the socialist style. I remember chronic deficit of every imaginable product, long lines for services, obnoxious salespeople (yes, you probably can't even imagine that) and "communal apartments" where in a 4-bedroom flat lived four families using one bath, kitchen and shower.

It all started innocently. Our grandparents were told that everyone deserves equal healthcare. They agreed. Then that each and every person has a right to work. They agreed. Then that we can't allow Soviet citizens to go to bed hungry. They agreed. Then that there are some people who receive much more than they needed, and others who had nothing. At that point no one asked them if they are ready to share .

The government was already not asking but informing and ordering. The commissars (you call them
"tsars") took over and the Politburo began to channel their commands through them. Our grandparents gave in step by step, inch by inch. When they were told that they shall be merciful and since they were not doing enough voluntarily the government will take their money and confiscate
their property and will give it to those in need, they already didn't have any means of resisting.

We, the People in the USSR were put in prisons for even saying something against the government, even if we would whisper it into our friends’ ears in our own kitchens. In the USSR you never knew who among your friends working for the secret police. He or she was probably doing it because they were saving their own skin or their children, or sometimes because they liked to be able to hurt others.

The Universal Healthcare in the US is one of the steps that can lead to the creation of the United Socialist States of America. It should be stopped. It should be stopped now and by you and me. We, the productive citizens of America will be outnumbered by those who get freebies from the government when the comprehensive healthcare, comprehensive immigration reform, comprehensive energy reform, comprehensive job reform and other comprehensive moves to fundamentally change America will be accomplished. I do not want to be forced to stand on the street with my right hand up yelling "Hail to Obama!" Actually I do not want to be forced to do anything. America was the only country in the world where individual was more important than the group. America was the only
country where you were able to pursue your own happiness and be free to make your own decisions. WAS.

If I worked all my life and saved money for a surgery my mother needs, I do not want the government to tell me that she is not a productive citizen anymore and the money will be used to perform surgery
on a young and productive person. I understand that for the country it is better if the young guy will get the treatment. But it is my mom we are talking about!

If you want the government to decide who will be treated with your money, be happy, Obama is your guy. If you want to decide who will get your monies worth of medicine and help, then I propose to go on the "Atlas Shrugged" strike.

The White House says that they want to have the final vote on the healthcare on March 18. They hope Stupak and others will sell their souls for money and will allow taxpayers funded abortions in exchange for personal rewards. They probably know something about members of the US congress that we hoped was not true.

What if all productive citizens of this country will go on strike on April 30, day before the May Day? We the Producers of everything in America will stop for one day what we are doing. We will not open our stores, will not provide services (except emergency), will not do, produce, act, serve, invent, fly... will stay for one day at home and do what we please.

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