The 9-12 Project of Central PA

"You Are NOT Alone!"

The addicting truth is something for all but not for all,Not all can or are willing to let it wash over them they are truly lost souls.The truth is painful and hard to accept at times but it also can be the best part that life has to reward us with.One can only become more thirsty for it once attaining a way of truthful living.
It will bring a way for one to become whole and stand free from a false reality and every individual knows in there heart who and where they are.
At first when you are ready for nothing but the truth it seems to have a mournful affect that has no time limit on it, this can last for days or months or years but it will pass if you stay on the journey of seeking truth.
Once you move pass this then there can be a time of raw anger (do not act on anything at this point ) this is when you just must stand and hurt,emotional pain can be harder to bare then physical pain but again this to will pass in time,one must heal, this is a time when some seek a higher power to guide them through who I chose to call God.
This is where you will find all truth and this is when it becomes addicting for nothing less is acceptable in the eyes of God.So I believe the soul is repaired at this point.
Seek nothing but truth and that is where you will find absolutes in life set by God our Creator .
Any other direction will only lead you to hardships and failure, false hoods, lies and deceptions will be return to sender in so many ways, nothing can be built on quick sand.
Stand with God he has already set you FREE       

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