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Teaparty Candidate in PA12 Special Election May 18! Let's support him!

On May 18 voters in the PA-12 district in Johnstown, Indiana and Green Counties will be voting on a representative to fill the seat of the late John Murtha.  This would be the first time since 1974 someone other than the big spending pork-loving Jack Murtha  will sit in DC.  We need to make a difference and keep the momentum going.

Tim Burns is running as a Teaparty candidate, the GOP nominee for the special elections.  He is a businessman and claims to support the Teaparty movement, Constitution, and small government.  He has signed the Pledge!  So let's show our support!

I will be doing calls from home for the campaign, also working the polls in Ebensburg on election day (May 18).  Anyone want to join me?

Contact his outreach coordinator Angela Lash and let her know you want to help out.  Let me know if you are interested too!

Also, there is a big Money Bomb to help fend off the insider corrupt candidate (Murtha's former aide) that can use our help.  i have donated, and even $10 or $20 would be a big help!  Go here to find out more:

We don't have to wait until November.  We can start taking back America one election at a time, and continue to send a signal to Pelosi and Reed that this is not the America we want!

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Jason, I don't know what you are expecting from the people on this forum. Most of them are located in Centre County which is in district 5. The value of this forum is the access to information and suggestions on how to organize and be effective in your area.

At this stage in the game, the goal is to get the best Republican candidate nominated. Most people don't even know who is running. I think we both agree that is Madiera. Have you called his office to volunteer? They have materials they can send to help you with a local campaign. They may also have some names of people in your area you can organize with. I am grouping up with some people in my area to organize a local campaign. We plan to put up road signs and make cold calls to get the name recognition out and solicit for donations for Madiera.

If we are going to win, it will be by small groups that can effectively create organized voting blocks. Get your friends and neighbors involved. With enough effective small groups across Disctirct 10, we can get Madiera elected and throw Carney out of office.
It seems to me you have the wrong idea of what voluntary campaigning is. Aside from the potentially complicated tax problem you could be creating for yourself by accepting donations to support your campaigning efforts, you are assuming that you can spend the money better than the campaign headquarters can. I think anyone outside of District 10 that wanted to donate money to defeat Carney should send contributions to the campaign headquarters so they can run TV and radio adds to get the candidate's name recognized.

If you want to get involved in a more active way than just donating money, then why don't you ask the campaign headquarters to give you a list of phone numbers to solicit for donations to the campaign - you can do that from your home phone.
Hang tough, Jason. We are changing things. The race in MASen that got Scott Brown elected was a perfect example. I donated money and time, but did it from my house. They set up phone banks and I made calls from home, and look how that turned out. IN MASS!

Most of us are in PA-05. David is right, it is not a good idea to solicit donations for your time. People should give to the candidates and they can use the money to raise awareness. If you want to donate your time that is great, but talk to the campaign about possibly getting reimbursed for your actual costs - mileage etc.

Hang tough! We are changing hearts and minds, and driving the debate. EVERYONE who works for candidates, attends Tea Parites and rallies, writes letters and calls congressmen is making a difference.

You are making a difference and I applaud your efforts! i worked in PA-12 for Russell last time, but he went down to Murtha. The special election for the Murtha seat is May 18, so we could use help there.

And yes, getting the right GOP candidates elected in the primaries is critical. We are all grateful for your efforts.


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