The 9-12 Project of Central PA

"You Are NOT Alone!"

When are you folks going to become interested in learning to have some enforcement that will protect your Rights vs argue all the time about it?


Whenever enough folks wish to learn how to hold public servants accountable and protect our rights, I will be happy to teach those interested.


The process is purely by Constitutional Criminal Complaints using the Federal Civil Rights laws to give street Value to the charges.


If anyone has enough Back-bone to take action vs argue all day long let me know.


The webmaster would need to ok and supply a way that word doc could be posted to supply templates etc that people could print off etc.


Otherwise if anyone wishs to learn off site you may contact me @  and I would be willing to help a group learn off site.


The time for talk is over, it is past time for action. You must be willing to help others with this info or don't waste my time.


Problems with IRS, Bank foreclosures, Corrupt public servants, Civil Rights Violations etc.  All these problems have one thing in common. Civil Rights Violations.



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