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Good Morning:

One of our members had a great idea of a reading/discussion group reagrding The 5000 Year Leap - a great book for those of you who haven't read it. I'd like to suggest a few more books that I believe reinforce the ideas put forth in the 9/12 Project and my fellow members.

How Capitalism Saved America - Thomas DiLorenzo

48 Liberal Lies About American History - Larry Schweikart

The ProFessors - David Horowitz

More Guns, Less Crime - John Lott Jr.

State of Emergency - Patrick J. Buchannan

Marching Towards Hell - Michael Schuerer

Real Change - Newt Gingrich

Most, if not all, of these books are available in audio versions as well. If you're like me and have a crazy schedule, it's nice to be able to listen while driving.

I have assigned the first two books on my list for my AP U.S. History students as their summer reading assignment.

Last year, my AP kids read Obama's "Audacity of Hope" and Gingrich's "Real Change". They had to summarize and analyze both books, then explain who's vision of America they believed was the best course for America's future. 25 out of 27 students picked Gingrich's view. There is hope for the next generation!

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Thank you for the reading suggestions. It sure is nice to see like-minded folks in the education field (I got my degree in education and know how important those years are, and the influences teachers have on students). I look forward to reading many of your suggested books!
If you want to read a book that parallels what is happen in America today and what our future holds if our course is not changed . . . read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. I first read this as required reading in a high school history class 30+ years ago. For you locals . . . Joe Filko was the teach. His editorials have made the CDT over the years. I recently dusted off my copy and am re-reading it. If this does not make you want stand up and do something to change our course . . . nothing will . . . An excellent book written over 50 years ago with the insight of an author living in today's world!
So your the guy that pee'd on my Obama sign!!!!

You should have got hazardous duty pay for those weeks you were reading Audacity of Hope.....It is encouraging to know that our kids if given the information to make an informed decision will chose what makes the most sense.

Hi Teheresa,

I would be happy to loan you my copy . . . it will force me to read the remaining 50 or so pages (out of 1100+) I have left.


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