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Given Texas' secession talk last week, over a dozen states have legislation pending to stop the federal government from further encroaching on states rights. See this story in the Star-Telegram:

BTW, I am not advocating secession. It's just fascinating that the states have finally had enough.

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"When in the course of human events..."

The fedgov will ignore these voices to their detriment.

I doubt any states wish actual secession (although some commonwealths might be better off) I think it's certainly a loud and clear statement that the feds have got to hear. So many of today's "national" issues could be solved if the states handled their own affairs *sigh*.
Hi, Heather!
I have been watching this and think it is pretty interesting. We used to live in Texas and if anyone could pull it off, they could! Certainly a spirited and determined group! Beyond that, I guess what I really don't understand is why we have to give all our money to the federal government and then they give it back to the states. Let's skip the Fed messing things up and let the states keep more of what rightfully belongs to the states. Seems to me a good compromise! Unless some in the federal gov. would rather not to have to mess with some Texas???

thanks for your post!
Hi, Heather!
This is Kris and I replied when I was on Al and Glo's account so it was really me and not them. Does this make any sense at all!!?? Love your passion! I am looking forward to meeting you. I apologize if I have already met you, so please make a point to introduce yourself to me again!!

Keep it up, Heather!


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