The 9-12 Project of Central PA

"You Are NOT Alone!"

Time to get on board the path has been charted. Gear stole away and everything is ship shape.We move on down the river , the captain has given some details of the trip ahead,the river splits in two,the one side is a peaceful journey slow moving,and is the easer softer way, of course thats the one we all want to travel down.

The other path is of all mans evil without God and total lawesness and it will be encountered for sure,so this would not be the time to be passive,one must be ready to respond to anything and It could be anything of your worst nightmare.

We slowly move on towards the easy side of the river but out of no where .whammmmmmoo a gust of wind hit the boat and sets it into a uncontrollable spin the water gets very choppy,the split in the river ahead is in veiw.The captain shouts out.Watch for a miracle God will lead the way that we must now travel.You may see the mircale and not even recognize it .Maybe something so small that it doesnt even seem important.Could be a whirpool or a bump of a floating never really knows what will change the course of things.

But what course will we be lead down ? Only God knows for sure what side of the river we will travel down.

I know that one must pray now and ask for his care and protection, trun you will and your life over to God and no matter what hang on to that

Stand with God // Remember his promise


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