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Posting Hyperlinks in blogs, blog comments, etc

I don't know if this this is happening for anyone else, but when I use the hyperlink tool from the toolbar (the button that looks like two links of chain) it never seems to properly post the hyperlink.

If you want to post a working link, you can copy and paste the sample code below and replace the web address with your link and your own description.

Click to see and copy example

Replace with your hyperlink and be sure to leave the = and the first >. Your hyperlink must be formatted correctly, starting with http://
It is usually best to open the page in a browser and copy and paste the address straight from the address bar. Replace the word Example (be sure to leave the > < symbols on both sides) with whatever you want the text of the link to say. This can either be a repeat of the hyperlink address, or different words that you you can click to take you to the link.

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