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By JB Williams Monday, March 30, 2009
As each day of the new administration passes, the American taxpayer is driven deeper in debt, American savings, investment and retirement accounts lose more value, Washington DC leftists seize more control over private industries and private assets, and today, the Obama administration is directly engaged in the day to day management of multiple private corporations and industries. Still, the average American has allowed a false sense of hope to trump simple common sense, which is clearly no longer common in America.

Obamanation Now Running GM, Chrysler and Banks
CNN reports Obama aides flunk GM and Chrysler. Having already given a failing grade to the US banking industry, and using trillions in new American taxpayer debt to purchase federal controlling interest in several of the nations biggest financial institutions, Obamanation is now dictating employment and payroll policy for the financial sector.

Obamanation is seizing control of America’s largest manufacturing industry, the auto industry, firing GM CEO Rick Wagoner and forcing a merger between Chrysler and Fiat. Read Obama Forces Out GM CEO Wagoner.

Resident Obama steps to the White House microphone to announce that he is now running the auto industry, for the greater common good of the union employee, blaming the failure of capitalism, completely ignoring decades of labor union destruction of America’s competitive edge over foreign manufacturers.

“We think we can have a successful U.S. auto industry. But it’s got to be one that’s realistically designed to weather this storm and to emerge—at the other end—much more lean, mean and competitive than it currently is,” Obama said, as if the acting CEO of the US auto industry.

Though they refused immediate additional “bailout funds,” Resident Obama placed the American taxpayer as the new guarantor of all auto industry product warrantees in an effort to promote the sale of union labor autos. However, the American taxpayer too, has already been bankrupted by the fed. They are in no position to guarantee all that Obama is committing them to.

Investor Reaction to Marxist Obamanomics
Predictably, the US stock market is down more than 260 points on the morning that Obama announces his seizure of the US auto industry, dropping another 40 points to 300 points down, in the minutes following Obama’s brief televised speech.

The DOW hovers around 7500, having lost 1/3 of its value since Obama and his Democratic Socialists in the Congressional Progressive Caucus were fraudulently elected into unbridled control of the federal government.

The “toxic assets,” aka subprime mortgages, that ignited the continued collapse of the US free market, were not created by Wall Street; they were created by Congressional Progressive Caucus, which forced otherwise responsible lenders to make irresponsible loans in the name of “low income community reinvestment.” It was these same people who forced Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac to package and market “toxic” securities backed by those faulty loans.

Although the average American voter is clueless to all of it, the average intelligent investor isn’t. They continue to ride the fed manipulated market up and down, taking profits where they can, as they retreat from a market no longer controlled by capitalist free market mechanisms.

As the nation’s GDP shrinks, the fed rapidly grows at a record pace. As every American is forced to cut back, the fed is the only US entity which will not be tightening its belt in the coming months and years. Beyond George Soros, who is the only man in the world currently bragging about how much money he is making from international economic calamity; intelligent investors will never invest in such a Marxist takeover of American freedom…

From a Trillion to Ten Trillion in Debt, in six months!
Despite all political rhetoric begging the average American to remain positive about the future of their nation under leftist siege, Washington DC leftists currently running the nation into the toilet are planning for something less than stellar results from their Marxist economic strategy.

It took Washington leftists seventy years to place the American taxpayer a trillion dollars in debt via their endless stream of social engineering programs. It took Obamanation less than 90 days in power to quadruple that debt figure and before Obama can reach his first anniversary in the Oval Office, American taxpayers will find themselves TEN TRILLION in debt.

The increased spending is not paid for; it’s borrowed from thin air and printed like monopoly money. It’s taxpayer debt. China not only wants to buy no more of it, they will be asking for a new international currency in the London G20 Summit.

Obama financial guru Timothy Geithner has already signaled his interest in discussing the replacement of the US dollar as the world’s super-currency. The Wall Street Journal reports Dethroning the Dollar: What If?

While Americans with their eyes wide shut are told, HYPERLINK “” Be Optimistic About Economic Future, the fed itself is thinking something quite different…

Fed Worries of coming Civil Unrest
The fed is rushing to put contingency plans in place for a number of threats that could and likely will result in massive domestic civil unrest.

After announcing a scheduled retreat from the “War on Terror” abroad, now renamed the “Overseas Contingency Operation” by the new administration, so as not to offend terrorists anymore, closing down Club Gitmo before deciding what to do with 250 known international terrorists, and using US tax dollars to bring Hamas refugees to American soil, the administration is rightfully very concerned about future terror strikes on the homeland.

The Washington Post reports ‘Global War On Terror’ Is Given New Name. Failing to stop rogue regimes that do regular business with terror groups, like North Korea and Iran, from acquiring WMD or testing long range missile technology, counter-terrorism experts now say that future massive terror strikes on the homeland are a matter of when, not if.

HYPERLINK “” Obama’s Pentagon Says No More War On Terror!
HYPERLINK “” Newt Gingrich: A Single Nuke Could Destroy America
HYPERLINK “” Hezbollah Using Mexican Drug Routes Into U.S.
HYPERLINK “” Intel Chief Confirms Terror Suspects May Get U.S. Release
HYPERLINK “” FBI Chief Mueller: Home-Grown Terror Makes Patriot Act Vital
HYPERLINK “” Gen. Richard Myers: U.S. Enemies Seek WMDs to End ‘Our Way of Life’
HYPERLINK “” Report: WMD Terror Strike on Major City ‘More Realistic’

But this is not all that the fed is worried about.

They are growing even more concerned with an increasing potential for civilian unrest among a growing number of American taxpayers clearly fed up with the intentional dismantling of all things American.

Angered by constant affronts to their constitution, their free market economy, their personal freedoms and ongoing threats against their individual liberties, people are stocking up on food, water, guns and ammo in record numbers.

Those willing to openly dissent against the current anti-American regime in Washington DC are being labeled “domestic terrorists” and the fed is making plans for how to deal with an outbreak of civil unrest, which is likely as economic conditions continue to deteriorate.

Army combat unit to deploy within U.S. -

Only days after Army Times published Consequence Management Response Force to join Army Northern Command, CNN reported “The United States military’s Northern Command, formed in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks, is dedicating a combat infantry team to deal with catastrophes in the U.S., including terrorist attacks and natural disasters. - The First Raiders will spend 2009 as the first active-duty military unit attached to the U.S. Northern Command since it was created. They will be based in Fort Stewart, Georgia, and focus primarily on logistics and support for local police and rescue personnel, the Army says.”

“We need a lot more in our toolbox in order to deal with angry people on the street,” said Col. Barry Johnson of U.S. Army North.

“The active-duty military has long had units capable of handling chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or other domestic emergencies, such as hurricanes,” Johnson said. “But they were assigned as needed. Now they will have a unit that knows in advance that it might be called upon to respond in a domestic emergency.” - “We don’t have the luxury to wish these things away. We have to imagine the unimaginable,” Johnson said.

Is it weapons of mass destruction from enemies abroad that they are concerned with, or a well armed citizenry growing increasingly resistant to the daily diet of Marxist lies coming from their unconstitutional government run wild?

When the Best of Intentions Go Wrong
In post 9/11 America, national security measures such as the Patriot Act seemed both reasonable and necessary. The fact that our government had failed to thwart the events of 9/11 without these additional powers left many Americans not only willing to accept expanded federal authority, but clamoring for it.

No matter how well intentioned the reasoning for such massive powers might have been in the days and weeks following 9/11, those powers now rest in the hands of people who clearly have very questionable intentions…

The same weapons trained on international terrorists for the last eight years can quickly be turned upon American citizens deemed to be “domestic terrorists” by a leftist regime known not to be at all tolerant towards dissenting views.

We have watched the current regime in charge of Washington, destroy the lives of those willing to publicly dissent against their march into Marxism. With eyes wide shut, the average American watches his country slip away.

Baffled by a daily diet of Ivy League B.S. and backed into a corner, threatened with a soup line existence or worse, the average American chooses blind hope over common sense. Their gut tells them that something is very wrong in their country. They inherently know that the fed cannot spend us back to prosperity. But lost without a better idea, they hope it will work anyway…

They have been indoctrinated to believe that they are powerless; they are told to remain hopeful despite all of the facts; they are told that they cannot self-govern their way out of this mess and that only a messiah-like Ivy League leader can save them from the darkness…

If they refuse to Buy the Story?
Well, that would lead to eventual civil unrest, wouldn’t it...?

Mass demonstrations, tax revolts, and calls for failed and unconstitutional government leaders to be removed from office, would result in the need for Martial Law to restore the public peace.

It sounds like a well written Hollywood conspiracy theory, doesn’t it? Yet the events and evidence reported in this column are all real.

The US (and world) economy is hanging by a thread. Threats of renewed terror attacks on US soil are quite real. Government power is without any check or balance, and growing in unbridled evil by the hour. The American taxpayer is being driven deeper and deeper into unmanageable debt by the day. “We don’t have the luxury to wish these things away. We have to imagine the unimaginable,” Johnson said.

Do these facts add up to some other reasonable conclusion? Is there any other reasonable way to interpret these real events?

We live at a time when truth is stranger than fiction, I’m afraid. Don’t worry about what conclusions I draw, or conclusions drawn by anyone else. Take the time to study these events and draw your own conclusion.

Time is short… The time to stand and be counted is here. The constitution either means what it says, or it means nothing at all. The republic is either worth saving or it isn’t. No American will be able to sit this one out. Think I’m kidding about that?

Most Americans choose to believe that none of this is real and that nothing like this could ever happen in their country, just as they believed nothing like 9/11 could ever happen, on 9/10/01. Yet it is happening right in front of their eyes, out in the open in plain view, and they still can’t see it…

If they can’t see it, they won’t fight it. The left is counting on that!

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