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Organizing for America Meeting, 7/22/09 - Municipal Bldg., S.C.

I attended this meeting along with approx.30 others Wed. evening. The moderator was a former Philadelphia attorney now working for Obama. It seems the '08 campaign workers wanted to continue being affiliated with Obama and keep pushing his agenda thus this new organization. He was very low key and said he was there to listen to the people - which he did. Many comments not so favorable as to O's health care reform. He said he would pass all comments up the line. A rep from NOW submitted their ideas on health care reform in a letter to the moderator. My interpretation of the main reason for these meetings is get volunteers to organize and send out emails, telephone calls and letters to Senators, Congressmen, friends, etc. to gain support for O's health care bill and, consequently, to protect the Obama brand. The Principles (a handout) announced 3 principles that are O's bedrock requirements for real health care reform. 1. Reduce costs. 2. Guarantee Choice. 3. Ensure Affordable Care for All. The requirements sound so innocent when broken down in this simple way..The Moderator said opposition does not have the grassroots support that Obama has and I believe this program is set up to expand that support.. WJAC TV was there & aired the meeting on TV Wed. evening. I personally spoke out urging more time for the bill to be reviewed (1,000 pages) and citing the potential huge monetary cost of such a federal health care bureaucracy. The Community Organizer just can't stop organizing it seems!

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Congratulations Ann! Thank-you for being there to represent our group and our principles!
Ann, thank you for attending and providing this detailed report.

Is there a schedule for future meetings?


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