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First off I would like to thank everyone for the warm welcome last Friday. I will be honest, I was timid about going because I was not sure what everyone would be like, and it turned out that everyone was exactly like me! The few people I did talk to, I told them my time is limited due to working full time, going to school full time, and being married with three kids. Don't count me out just because I am not as active as others with meetings and events, I do believe in what we are doing.

On that note, I do spread the word of 9-12 and what it is about, and debate with people who are willing to. One such debate was with the father of my best friend who is a very left winged democrat. He is a government head, working in D.C. his whole life and worked directly for the government most of his life. When PBO was giving his speech to school students, I post my opinion on my facebook page, to which I got several reactions. The response I got from my friends dad was the most heated. This is a copy of what was said by me and others starting from my original status update:

(If anyone has a facebook account, send me a friends request and put 9-12 in the message. Search my name Erik Fuls, I’m the only one that will show up.)
Erik Fuls
just read PBO's speech to the school. Sorry but not appropriate. He is not my kids dad and my kids don't have a responsibility to provide for this country and mostly this government.
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Shelly Salopek
coming from the community social work background, (and education) :) it is the responsibility of our citizens to be actively engaged with various social groups to ensure democratic process takes place. Even if we disagree with the ideals- we need to be actively informed and remain cultural literate (such as remain current in the news, globalization... Read More ect) If we continue to remain uninvolved with our government, communities, and neighbors we're becoming oddly similar to the fall of the Roman empire.
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Ginny Poorman
I want to read it, where can I find it??
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Jim Clark
I think Erik is on the right track with this. The pres has nothing to do with raising my kids. If all of the people would take part in the democratic proccess alot of these jokers would be out of work. Hopefully people are watching.
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Ginny Poorman
I think (now that I've read it) that I'm going to have to go with the positive on this one. I think the speech was well presented & well thought out. No, he's not the father of our children but YES our kids do have a huge responsibility to this country, to their family, to their parents and most of all to themselves. I think that it's important ... Read Morefor children to have something so much bigger than themsleves to set their goals on. To know that they can/are/will be part of something is pretty important & I think at young ages as we all know it is hard to think that you could ever be anyone great who does great things. This speech was about education and goals. This is about being an American and what that means! However, I'd REALLY like to talk/debate with you about this Erik because I know I'd learn a lot about your side of it.
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Scott Binkley
The first President Bush(Daddy) talked with kids when he was president...
...about what they could do to help him. I don't think telling kids to work hard stay in school and work towards your dreams is a bad thing. Its not like he sat them down and said republicans are evil. Kids should respect the office of the presidency regardless of which side is in power.
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Erik Fuls
Thats the problem. PBO promised this transparent government, yet it is anything but that. And yes social groups are they way to go, but his line of responsibility to the country I don't quite agree with, the country has a responsiblity to us, the people, he is pushing a socialized country and that is not only unconsititutional, but un american. It ... Read Moreis our duty, the parents, to teach our kids morals and values. Everything he said I have already talked to my kids about, and it's not his place, and neither was it Bush's place in 1991. And yes Scott, why didn't anyone freak out then? That is a very good question. I don't disagree with PBO's entire message, he has a point, but it goes without saying and it has been told by parent for years, even before we all were born. Our kids are the furture of our country, when we die they will left here to run it, if they choose to take such a roll. But if the Whitehouse keeps apointing these Czars and having groups like the Apollo project....
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Erik Fuls
and ACORN do the jobs of ELECTED officals, this country will be socialized and done so with 1K plus bills submittied in the middle of the night and expected to be voted on in the morning by our senators who never read the damn things. This is not just PBO administration, it goes back years, and the rebulicans are as much to blame as them democrates... Read More. Going back to Shelly's statement, I believe in helping our neighbors and being active in the community, but we don't need the government regulating us on how to do it. How do you thing the county got on it's feet? The media has blinders on. The major networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, ect) NEVER covered Van Jones, they have become PBO's puppets, exspecially MSNBC. That town hall in AZ, where one guy had a rifle on his back. I know anyone who follows the news a little has heard of this. MSNBC brought out the race card blaming whites in these actions even when the man with the rifle was BLACK!!! They croped the picture enough to not show this,...
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Erik Fuls
with mainsteam media like this, they only way to beleive anything is to find the true facts ourselves. I will invite anyone reading this to go back to Obama's campaign speeches, listen to them again, and look at what is going on now. And by the way, Bellefonte school distric decided not to show his speech in their schools, and the teachers are the ... Read Moreones to thank for that (atleast in my eyes). They spoke up before the parents did.
Ginny, I would love to talk about this with you, and anyone else. We need this debated among everyone, left, right, moderate, Rep,, Dem., Idenpendent, Libritarian, conservitive and liberal. It's not just our lives and our kids on the line, it's the U.S. Constitution itself.
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Shelly Salopek
ah, you touched on an interesting subject. "we don't need the government regulating us on how to take care of our communities." I do agree that Washington doesn't know what students in inner city Buffalo need to become academically successful. Which is why I believe in privatization of education. In reality, the government should not be playing an ... Read Moreactive role in public education, it's meant to be delegated to the states. However, I think that the president's message was positive, and many children, especially in inner city Buffalo do not have parents who speak with their children regarding these issues. No Child Left Behind was unconstitutional. Far more unconstitutional than anything Obama has done by speaking in public schools. I wish someone would have told me in 1995 when I dropped out, that it wasn't too late, but the teaching staff viewed me as failure. "kinda ironic." Sometimes schools don't do their jobs
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Shelly Salopek
it is the family's role to teach morals and values, however we are socialized from birth in public education (our historical content in education is swayed towards white middle class males) Not all of the socialization is bad, some level is necessary to maintain order. It's part of learning the cultural literacy of American society Sadly, it's ... Read Moreoften the white middle-class male who tells the story that is learned in public schools (texts). The teachings of morals and values is intwined with learning the history of our country. For example, teaching creationism in the classroom? Discussion of the women's rights movement? The way that the civil war is taught in the south is significantly different compared to the teachings up north! "Southern war of independence' I have heard it referred to by someone from Alabama. Children are even socialized by peers..I should know that one
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Debbie Fuls
Erik, you are my son and I respect your thoughts but don't necessarily agree with them. Bush left this country in a war and massively in debt. O inherited quite abit. I voted forhim and I would again. Parentshave to lay the ground rules, morales,self esteem and future for their kids the best way that they know how.. They are ultimately responsible... Read More . But they alone willmake their own decisions. Kids need to understand and know that they need to have dreams and wants and to know how to get them to make their lives friutful and to work hard for themselves and their country.They are the ones that will rule this country 15-20 yrs from now. They have to respect the presidency and this country no matter what is happenng.If all the respesct, is lost.This country and what it stands for is lost.I have been in nursing for 40 yrs and have seen healthcare become horrible. Facing people every day that do not have healthcare and can't afford meds for their kids themselves or even good care.
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Debbie Fuls
Healthcare needs to change and it will. O inherited that. He is trying t make changes in a very short time, less than a year.
Too many kids now adays are given toomuch with out working for it. These kids will never know how to have dreams and work to make themselves the person they should be . If parents can't do it someone has to.!!!!!!!
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Dick Griffin
Eric - If that speech offended you, you really have to asses you personal values about what is important about being an American. BHO may have never had the training to be a cheerleader like another President we know, but he sure does a better job of encouraging our youth to prepare to compete in a global market.
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Erik Fuls
It didn't offend me, I just don't think it is something the President of the U.S. needs to be doing, especially right now. Thats the parents job, and the schools.
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A few days later I got a semi-private message from Dick Griffin, my friend’s dad:

Dick Griffin
Eric, the president is elected to lead. What exactly did he say that you would not say to your own kids? About ACRON -- Oh come on-- surely your are not thast dumb --- let ACRON speak for ACRON , as for you-- simply listen to exactly what BHO to your kids --- can you actually find anything wrong with that? Would you, in your "right wing" world actually say anything differently?
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Erik Fuls
LOL ok. BTW, ACRON is spelled ACORN, my name is spelled Erik, and if I was dumb, I would be a lemming like people in your "left wing" world. You believe what you want to, and I will believe what I want to. It will be debated, discussed, and one side will prevail, that is what it is to be American.
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Ginny Poorman
So, In my liberal "hippie" mind it's just mean and ignorant to mock and poke fun at someone and their beliefs not to be a jerk but it's really just not ok to make people out to be supid just because they dont' agreee with you! Erik and I COMPLETLY disagree on MANY things and Erik would never talk to me like I was an idiot! That is what it means to ... Read Morebe an American, to be allowed to have your own views and points and feelings and saddly the right to call other people dumb when we are being dumb ourselves.
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Then today I got this:

Dick Griffin
Eric, About ACORN -- I'm not one to jump on groups just becasue they are pillored in the press, especiall when the movtivation appears to be purely political After a more focused review of the ACORN stories, (which included a trip to Congress f...or the testomoney on the floor of the Senate and Housed) I'm now inclined to agree with you. Though ACORN may started out with high goals to advance the interests of poor people, it's effectivness has become limited by abusive fraud and internal corption of its own prenciples that go much deeper than the amature sting operation fostered from the far right. In short - it has out lived its usefullness. My opology for jumpong on you last week, you were right.
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Yeah Shelly is different. She teaches at PSU and is working on her PhD. I noticed the same things you pointed out as well. My mom, well thats her. Funny thing is, she is a nurse for Geisinger, and has been since they opened here. She see the things most people don't, and for that I still have some respect for what she says. But I still disagree with most of what she says. Yeah I know about the lesson plan, and it was well known that is why people did not like the whole idea. I too agree but took it to another level because of what I believe in. PBO changes his mind more than John Kerry. I can not trust anyone who makes a statement and won't stand behind it till the bitter end. he is "Fired up!" and "Ready to go!" but dosen't seem to know where to go.


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