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Notice of the Existence of a First Amendment Administrative Commercial Lien Process of the United States of America



Notice of the Existence of a First Amendment Administrative Commercial Lien Process of the United States of America

May 19, 2013

A Consensual Public Commercial Lien is:


>1. A Commercial Lien against a Public Official’s violation of their required Official Oath, which is equal to the Military Oath, to support this Nation and its Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, [This Lien is supported by the filing of a Criminal Complaint.]


>2. And also is, a Commercial Lien against the Public Official’s Rebellion, Insurrection or Treason committed against the Nation and its Constitution,


>3. And also is, consequently, a Commercial Lien against the Public Official’s violation of the Natural and Civil Rights of Freedom; Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, of the People of the United States of America.


>4. And also is, a penalty against the Public Official’s failure to provide the necessary, proper and lawful Services, which have been paid for by the Public through Taxation, and a penalty against the Public Officials for substituting False, Fictitious and Fraudulent Services,


>5. And also is, therefore, to provide restitution and rebate of taxes back to the Public as an exercise of the First Amendment “…right of the People peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” ----to guarantee “Just Compensation” for Taxes.


"This Constitution shall be the Supreme Law of the Land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the constitution or laws of any state to the contrary notwithstanding." (U.S. Constitution, Article VI, paragraph 2.)   See also Amendment 5 –“Just Compensation”.


The Military Soldiers, who are serving this Nation, losing their sanity and body parts, shedding their Blood, and Dying on battle fields, presumably to protect and defend the Nation and its Constitution against all enemies, and serving to protect our Freedoms, Liberties and Pursuit of Happiness, and serving to protect the soldiers’ own futures and their families’ futures, are being cheated out of “Justice” in the court system, as is happening to the Public Citizens.


Internationally, an Administrative Commercial Lien Process contains a very gracious Grace Period of 3-months (Jewish), 90 days (Statutory), in which the Defendant(s)/Lien Debtor(s) party receiving this Commercial Lien Process can contest the Commercial Lien Claim (Claim of Commercial Lien) categorically point-for-point, if they feel or believe that any part of the Administrative Commercial Lien Process is False, Fictitious or Fraudulent.


The 3-month (90-day) Grace Period allows ample time for the Defendant/Lien Debtor to expose the Commercial Lien Claimant’s Claim and the Commercial Lien Claimant to the strict Remedies of Commercial Law, enough time to discover and reveal whether or not any part of the Commercial Lien Claim is False, Fictitious or Fraudulent.


Upon refusal or failure of the Commercial Lien Defendant(s)/Lien Debtor(s) to fully contest the Commercial Lien categorically point-for-point within the Grace Period, a condition that is called “Default”, that Commercial Lien becomes activated as an account receivable collectable by marching and seizing, also known as debt collection. The Grace period can be extended for reasonable cause.


It is “Patently “ obvious that, if the Officials, Officers and Agents of an All-Powerful Government have not “contested” the Commercial Lien within the 3-month (90 day) Grace Period, then it must be because its Public Officials, Officers and/or Agents cannot contest the Commercial Lien without exposing their own “Fraudulent Behavior, Incompetent Behavior, or Criminal Behavior”. Let them prove otherwise.


When the Government’s Public Officials, Officers and/or Agents dishonor the Administrative Grace Process, by Contempt or other Default, they waive their Legal and Lawful ability to claim that the Administrative Commercial Lien Process is False, Fictitious or Fraudulent.






Should you disagree with or contest any part of this international Administrative Commercial Lien Process document, you must immediately show, by an Affidavit sworn to be true, correct, materially complete and not misleading under your own Commercial Liability, your specific “Just Cause” of Findings of Facts and Conclusions of Law to support your contesting of the Administrative Commercial Lien Process.


Failure or refusal to “Contest” this Administrative Commercial Lien Process shall be construed to mean that you are in total agreement with all points of this document.


 Randall David Due, exercise the right to amend this and/or any other document if necessary, in order that the truth be more fully and certainly ascertained and justly determined.


Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal; Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent




Randall David Due aka Randy Due, Public Minister; Ex. Military (Civil Rights Advocate) acting as a Non-union Lawyer (not a member of the bar association) pursuant to 42 USC § 1986 (acting with Reasonable Diligence) & 18 USC § 4 (Mandate to act), 18 USC §§ 241 & 242 (Protection of the Nation, its Constitution and Civil Rights)

Public Minister pursuant to and protected by Public Law 94-583, Oct. 21, 1976 Stat. 2891 [Codified in Title 28 U.S.C § 1602 et esq.]; and Public Law 1790, 1 Stat. At L. 117, Ch 9 [Codified in 22 U.S.C. § 252]; Public Law 1948, Ch 645, 62 Stat. 688 [Codified in Title 18 U.S.C § 112] and Public Law 1871, Ch 22, § 6, 17 Stat. 15; [Codified in 42 U.S.C. § 1986]


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