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It's a Friday afternoon in the not too distant future and the stock market is down. GM (Government Motors) reported trouble meeting sales projections and the promised profits aren't materializing. The Federal Reserve is practically giving money away. Now, the news breaks: All of the homes that banks have foreclosed upon are still in their inventories. Selling them, at the market's depressed prices might require another massive bailout. Worse, the housing market would be devastated by the influx of additional properties.

Through the weekend speculators and experts argue the potential effect this might have on the already anemic real estate market. Usually weekends allow such bad news to settle out, but this is the straw that breaks the camels back. All the bail outs, regulations, bureaucrats, and interference in the free market bear fruit.

Monday the market crumbles and panic sets in. Americans who have previously lost 30%, 40%, or more of their savings see what is left evaporating. People scramble to move funds to more secure instruments, even withdrawing all the cash they can get their hands on.

Cash machines are the first to run dry, and then smaller bank branches. Credit card processors are swamped as folks attempt to get cash for plastic. Word spreads quickly thanks to cell phones and the internet. The run quickly outstrips any scenario that authorities planned for, and action must be taken.

The federal government calls a bank holiday. You and every American are locked out of your investments and your bank accounts. The American economy is temporarily suspended.

This is what America's enemies have been waiting for and planning for, even training for right here in the United States. Organizers and terrorists set out across the US. Terrorists disrupt our infrastructure by sabotaging power distribution and water supplies, and the shortages of water and food are evident within days, even hours. Their organizes then spring to action in crowded urban centers, much as communists operatives did to exploit racial strife in the 1960s.

Rioting breaks out in cities from coast to coast as these operatives stir the embers of discontent. Fires and looting ravage businesses and further paralyze the nation. With power and water shortages, there is little that can be done.

Our Military are quickly deployed, and severe restrictions are imposed on travel and communications. "Inflammatory" talk show and internet speech is prohibited. Not surprising, Americans object and discontent spreads beyond city centers.

Firearms are identified as the cause of violence, and so they must be temporarily confiscated. Owners are put on notice that their purchase records and Concealed Carry permit applications will be used to identify those who do not comply.

And the situation grows worse.

But America is too big to fail. The world depends on America; this has become a global problem, and it demands a global solution. A new global banking system is rushed through Congress as the first UN troops with blue peace-keeper helmets begin to appear on our street corners.

Could such a scenario come to pass?
What would you do?
What should we do?

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Harrisburg Patriot-News


The Harrisburg Chapter of the NAACP is calling on Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell to suspend some civil liberties and impose martial law in the city to halt the wave of recent lawlessness.

Chapter President Stanley Lawson also called on Rendell to bring in the state National Guard for at least 30 days and to impose a curfew. In June, there have been at least 12 shootings, many of them in the daytime, including a man killed Wednesday at a busy city intersection during the lunch hour.

"The Guard is for floods and natural disasters. I don't know any more of a natural disaster than of our young people being killed," he said at a general membership meeting of about 25 people at Capitol Presbyterian Church, 14th and Cumberland streets.

"It's time for some real action," he said. "Right now the important thing is to stop this madness."

"We're beyond what the Harrisburg police department can do. We need help," Lawson said.

Martial law is a system of rules that takes effect when the military takes control of the normal administration of justice, normally in times of emergency.

At about the same time Lawson was speaking, Rendell was at another community meeting in Harrisburg where he promised to have state police patrol city streets to increase the presence of law enforcement.

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