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Ann Rehmert said:
The farm bill is also scary - Glen B. reported on his show today that if the bill passes we would have to sign a paper each time we purchased something from our local farmers denoting when we were going to consume the food. In turn the farmer or food grower would have to save a copy! How outrageous! Our freedoms seem to be slipping away one by one.....Ann Marie

I decided to create a new discussion for this topic, since it wasn't really related to the Community Service bill.

Yes, this food safety bill is scary to me. I got a copy of it, and read it (well, not the whole thing, but enough to know what the issue is). The effect of the bill on a local gardener is scary, and it comes from the definition of a "Food Production Facility" in the bill, which is:

‘‘food production facility’’ means any farm, ranch,
orchard, vineyard, aquaculture facility, or confined
animal-feeding operation.

The problem is that this definition could apply to home gardens, too. In other parts of the "definitions" section of the bill, specific exclusions are made, but not in this one.

The bill then goes on to place a bunch of onerous requirements on "Food Production Facilities".

I don't think it is the intent of this bill to target home gardeners, and I bet they will add some exclusions.

However, it is more scary to me, what this bill will do to the cost of food production. In order to comply with this bill, everyone in the food supply chain will have new requirements imposed, that will cost them money. Larger farms might be able to meet these requirements, but smaller farms might not.

If you increase the cost of food at every level in the supply chain, that will increase the cost of food to us! Add to that the increases from Cap and Trade, and all the other socialist programs, and our cost of living will go way up!

Yes! I want my food to be safe - but I also want to be able to afford it!

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I hate those Compact Flourescent bulbs. I intend to buy a lifetime supply of incandescent bulbs, before they become unavailable!

They are also a bigger threat to the environment or to human safety, because they contain mercury vapor - a deadly poison! That is a REAL environmental threat, as opposed to the fake carbon dioxide thing!
As a young child, I had a toy that you had to tilt around to cause a blob of mercury to navigate through a maze! It was made of cheap plastic, and could have broken very easily!

And, yes, I did hear about that story in Maine, too.
Jodi C. said:
This bill scares me too. It just feels like one more step for the government to micro-manage our lives and keep us dependent on them for everything. It should be easy for them to exclude home gardens but they won't. Why waste a good crisis?! The whole bill seems redundant to me too. There are already regulations on agriculture and food processing and they're already harder than heck to enforce ... ie, the peanut processor that they site as a reason for making up this bill was ALREADY in violation.


I hope they will fix it. What does anyone have to gain by disallowing home gardens? I don't think even the Democrats are that unreasonable.

But if they are, then this will be the most disobeyed law in history!


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